Help accessing pages on my [ftp?]

i’m building a web site page with sitegrinder COUPLE OF which uses photoshop to generate a web web page and i’m trying to add multiple photo galleries in to the page. i’m utilizing simpleviewer’s brother, autoviewer and also i’m having difficulties, uh… coding with this or whatever, i’m uncertain.

i built some other photo gallery per subject i wanted, lets just say these are 1, 2, 3 OR MORE and 4. so i have four folders known as accordingly each that contains an autoviewer. swf, gallery. xml, shots folder, index. html and also a swfobject. js.

now i put each of those four, uh, including " master" directories (1, 2, 3 and 4) within the root of this… i’m guessing file transfer protocol (i use cyberduck gain access to this).

when i then link my 1, 2, 3 OR MORE, 4 gallery web sites to www. example. com/1/index. html

then i never be able to the page i need, what am we doing wrong does the area where i intended for my files not work began seeing i’m thinking i will access the page only go to online world. ftp. example. com/1/index. html document but only once logging in.

i’m sorry if this is usually jumbled because thought about don’t know this intricacies of exactly what i’m doing.

Give us a link aimed at your web… the way it is now… so we could see it.

Chances are you’ll or may not are aware that if we see your site, or any site, we can
view the HTML DOCUMENT source code and figure out where you might be referencing
your files or internet sites incorrectly.

Some terminology to consider…

Throughout windows, we call them " folders", on the web (UNIX) we call them " directories".
These are the same matter, but it may confuse you once we say " directories".

= back links to photos, various other pages, etc. are generally defined by the
completely URL…. example: < img src=" http: //www. example. com/photos/P1245. JPG" >

= back links to photos, various other pages, etc. that reflect the road from
when you currently tend to be at… example < img src=" photos/P1245. JPG" >

The good news is big difference, of course , if you put directories and sub-directories within the wrong places,
stuff won’t work properly. Often times, utilizing web editing software program, folders don’t get
translated adequately to " directories".

Give us a link aimed at your web… the way it is now… so we could see it.

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