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Hi, I had posted a thread relating to compatibility of the streaming video player to learn in different browsers with the same webpage THIS thread is all about, but fortunately all of us got that settled. However we possess another issue at this point, and I was wondering if there is ANY fix to the situation.

Primary note, the web designer is putting with each other the page per se, and I’m doing all of the graphics for it (I have Ps experience in that). This website may be for an entertainer (Impersonator), all of which be shown into a major prospects. I assist the entertainer seeing that his marketing boss, and I’m responsible for this project.

This developer we’re working with has experience, but not thorough experience, so I figured I really could ask a more experienced developer hopefully on here to help us out. The theory that I chose to visit with is not really fitting properly into smaller screens, so we need to learn how to get around this. He said which currently the inner portion in the web page certainly will not fit on almost any screens 13 long or smaller (it’s cut off at the top).

To keep have a 19-inch tv screen on my counter top, and it seems absolutely perfect (with very much room to spare throughout the inner main portion of the design), but on the 13-inch laptop which in turn he uses as his portable computer, the upper portion in the page is cut off, and he delivered me a display shot verifying this (he has a 27-inch that he does most of his design assist, but he examined it on his laptop to discover how it would fit).

WHEN I haven’t spoken for you to him since recently (he took Sunday off), but need to tell him another observation so he can test it him or her self. And that is – a member of family of mine deemed it on her 15-inch laptop screen (fully maximized browser), and she said that it was even being take off at the leading of IT, and that is hard for me to believe since only a smallish portion was stop on the 13-inch, according to the screen opportunity he sent myself.

The TEMPORARY target and current Site is HERE. So depending on the pc screen size that you’re viewing it in, will determine simply how much of the surface border section could show, and simply how much will be cut off at the top with all the smaller screens. ANY suggestions in the least that I can certainly relay to my designer to help resolve this without effecting the structure outlay of the web page

I KNOW it’s possible because HERE can be a similar design (larger external border area by using main portion regarding page centered in the boxed-in area), which has not any problems fitting suitable smaller screen WITH THE USE OF the available scroll cafes. On our recent design, EVEN that scroll bars will not help fit the idea (center-it) onto some sort of smaller screen; and that is the SAME concept with a browser that is restored to a small size for a larger screen.

So put simply, even if you’re on a larger screen similar to my 19-inch, and also our design matches with room to be able to spare, if you restore down the size and style of your browser (even when you have to drag the borders within do it), you’ll be able to center this sample page I just gave above, however with our site, you can not really, and it continues to be cut-off at the top of the page In case you bring the right-hand scroll bar up down to the bottom where it goes, to go the entire page up. I believe that there is definitely some command missing in the html to command this, and we must figure this out because we’re not able to afford to have got to rely on people with larger screens to view our web page in its entirety.

Sorry with the long initial post, but I just desired to be as detailed as they can to help explain exactly what’s going on here. Thank you for any help on this specific.

It’s that absolute positioning for the div named erv which is throwing things out of.

Typically I and also from what MY SPOUSE AND I read most designers use absolute positioning as being a last resort, identical with table styles. There is some sort of purpose for equally when used correctly.

Ok Webzarus. Just what exactly do you propose for him to complete to fix this Instead of absolute positioning, what must be used Thanks once more.

Relative placing, personally I’d reduce the tables, basic 2 column CSS format, if you know how to use CSS. Because he’s using conference tables, assuming he doesnt.

Relative position is merely that each div defined quite a bit less absolute is positioned relative into the dive that features it or " father or mother div", he’s trying to use CSS and also tables, but if the going to make use of tables for layout and aim to use CSS intended for positioning, it can be best to define position for the table as effectively.

Normally mixing CSS in addition to tables for layout purposes may establish some weird effects if you’re not familiar. It’s best ( and a smaller amount confusing ), to utilize one or another, but not the two, unless you…

Ok thanks, and I’ll pass around this information to be able to him… I think he’s about to need SPECIFIC information on how to get this done… on other words and phrases, someone is about to have to check out the source, and be sure he understands exactly what he would need to do differently, but I guess the words you just gave me will give your pet a basic idea on what he needs to accomplish… any other help would be greatly appreciated. Gives thanks again.

Perhaps it would better if HE listed here and published his questions…

It is not the size within your screen that matters, although it does dictate with a certain extent your factor that’s influencing you, and that’s the resolution of one’s screen. When you have a smaller screen, you’ve got a smaller resolution, which could also occur with the larger screens as well (by default, a bigger LCD screen in particular isn’t configured in its maximum resolution). The smaller resolution subsequently means that points don’t fit on it how you want them to help.

Methods about your site is always that he hasn’t received very far from it. If he had done the entire thing, you’d be throughout much worse shape than you are. The reason is the entire concept per se isn’t well thought out. The whole notion of vertically centering any layout works without having much content and you also can fit everything within the viewport eye-port. This isn’t the truth here… the text for the home page alone suggests otherwise. You get with a scrollbar from a non-standard location, which is absolute death from your conversion point of view… as a general rule, users hate this and you would like to avoid it.

You wouldn’t might like to do the site which you referenced as the most impressive, either. It appears to be good, don’t obtain me wrong… but it is usually a Flash website. A Flash site creates a total set of issues and again, probably won’t allow you to get to where you would like to go, which I’m assuming is to get people for you to book you and focus on you talk about how you don’t receive no respect.

Put simply, what I will suggest isn’t to keep going later on in life with the theory you’re on with all the smaller window. Take advantage of the real estate which you have. If that means you have a vertical scrollbar just like the one you will definately get on this web page, for example, that is certainly fine… you’ll be a lot better served. What you imagine is the problem is merely the symptom below.

Good One particular, TheGame!… Lol… avoid, we’re definitely trying to find people to e-book Erv so the guy can tell him all of his problems (as Rodney), which they want to hear, ironically… Lol..

Your answer is what exactly I was dreading, and if there is no fix for any current design within itself, is there any kind of way a scroll bar can you should be added to your far right belonging to the entire layout (to your outside right from the purple diamond area) to create it available to maneuver the ENTIRE page down and up, or would there should be content down under the enclosed key area which would command a real scroll bar in order to unveil THAT subject material… In other words and phrases, what can be done to provide an additional scroll bar like I just explained… thanks with the Respect, and helping in your suggestions.

Gives thanks Webzarus… I’m pretty sure he’s a member of your forum, but I’ll suggest it… just thought I had save him some time by doing them myself, but POST see your issue… thanks.

That is certainly just it… there really isn’t anything that may ultimately get you what you need. That’s why POST suggested just scrapping the idea.

Thanks TheGame, but I really believe that there is SOME method to get around this specific myself. I have a notion that I’m about to present to him to receive around having to scrap might know about just did, but it will effect existing layout, however minimally… WHEN I appreciate the feedback… nice Bowling website, BTW.

Gives thanks, man.

Although like I explained, there really isn’t really, if for zero other reason than you’re about to have too a lot content to fill the area of the viewport eyeport that changes, specially as people adapt their text sizes. I understand why you would like for such an answer to exist… this just doesn’t, though.

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