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This can be a first time i always have ever designed an online site and really concept of what to carry out.

http: //www. stumbleupon. com/photos/39975316N07/3726143960/

the above link is surely an image that my partner and i designed in photoshop. this is what i want my home page to check like, with that four different thoughts being links within just my site. i’ve dreamweaver and my host is justhost. com. i would definitely appreciate a step-by-step process to make it happen, but any aid is much appreciated

Most among us code web sites personally using a copy editor, but you may use
Dreamweaver… it’s just that you not be able to understand the
things we state without knowing WEB CODING and CSS and easy methods to upload files
making use of FTP.

Dreamweaver crucial probably using it, is a WYSIWYG interface, so you
cut and paste layouts and things in it, and it produces the code for you.

Again, nothing really incorrect with that, but learning for making a web web site on this
online community (using Dreamweaver), isn’t likely to be easy.


You must determine if the actual font you picked is necessary to your style.
On the web page, the font kinds displayed will only look if the end user has
of which font on its PC. Your font seems as if a non-standard font. And so, you’ll
have to make all the 4 words a new graphic image, like:
imagine. gif
selection. gif
purchase. gif
hook up. gif

These are 4 distinguish images, and the square/diamond thing is definitely an image by
itself, without the 4 words on that. That diamond becomes the background graphic,
and the 4 words are placed outrageous (as they develop into links to alternative pages).

You have to view how large your page will likely be (pixel dimensions).
Will it fit on the smaller browser (800 TIMES 600), or to get a larger browser window

You recently made a " splash page" with that 4 links… what about the other pages
Are you experiencing any idea of what they will look like And what is the purpose of
this website, and who will be it designed with regard to (kids, teens, parents, senior citizens)

A website isn’t just a lot of stuff thrown together… don’t waste your time and efforts if
you do not have a purpose.

Use Google to discover tutorials on HTML PAGE and CSS… with more speed than using this
forum to get help.

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