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Howdy everyone. I choose to design my private website but I don’t quite know how the whole method works. I was reading through online and I think I would like to do that in PHP or maybe Ruby, but I hardly understand what this code is. Currently, I can upload an internet site . from Dreamweaver to be able to my University’s server and publish it over the internet, but I are confused where PHP as well as Ruby comes straight into play. How does everything get intertwined Is there any compiler for PHP in addition to Ruby
We have programming experience therefore Idon’t think this can betoo hard to do.

Start below: http: //www. w3schools. com/

HTML is a cornerstone of world wide web development. PHP / ASP / Ruby / etc only come into play with powerful content.

http: //us. php. net/manual/en/intro-whatcando. php.

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