Help! I need to build a website but am clueless!

Hi there,
I’m an entreprenuer. I’m currently starting a good singles event organization. The business will host Speed dating events and singles mixers. I need to build ways to get the phrase out and register clients, but have no idea where to start off. In the past We have had really negative luck with hiring people to build sites personally. So this time I am hoping I can discover a web design web-site that will permit me to just design this myself without realizing Html. I’m a timely study and contain the time to figure it out. I just have no idea where to get started.
The site itself shall be simple with few pages, but the backend can be a little complicated. I need to be able to have potential clients register and pay for events together with to fill out a questionarre. And I need to be able to keep a database of these clients where I’ll later e-mail their particular info to additional clients. Did that make sense Regardless, the backend may be complicated.
So I’m looking for any help I’ll get in obtaining a comprehensive web establishing site where in addition , they offer good buyer service. Does anyone have any suggestions
Thanks a lot

http: //www. intuit. com/

For more clients for your site you make communities in social web sites as facebook, linkdin or anything else

I do not need more clients. For now I must set up the particular website, then I will worry about a lot more clients.
So I viewed the Intuit website, and it seems along the lines of whatI’m in search of. Is that my best bet Some other suggestions of sites like this.

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