Help in designing a simple website

Hi there friends
i am interested in develop a easy static website for which i’d like to know which are the steps to be taken.
Below are the steps which when i took. Wanted to understand if i am for the right track or not
1) made uncomplicated html files using the content
2) saved all the html files and images in one folder in my personal desktop
3) function the html information in internet explorer
i’ve not used just about any css files to make the formatting, most formatting are accomplished separately in just about every html file. Is always that the right way for formating We are facing problem together with alignment also.
Please give your valuable insights for this.
With thanks

Those are the very basic steps.

You don’t need to put everything in one folder.
Maybe putting your photos for their own folder would certainly help your set up better
Through the use of one CSS report, you can switch the layout on ALL pages easily by
editing you file. Otherwise, when you find yourself editing every site.

Also , you now need for you to upload your files into a webhost
Or is this simply a website you wish to have on your PC (locally)

Thanks for your reply.
My plan is usually to host it as a final point. But only once everything looks great.
Possibly there is any problem in using a great number of tables in the page(
i’ve 2, 3 tables from the first table) Is it a good approach or else wat is the easiest way in its place
Give thanks you

First of all, you have to explain that which kind of website you desire to create if it’s dynamic then you ought to learn some fine tools like Flash for you to create a top notch design of your web blog but if you want to create a static site then just visit this site, you can create a decent but simple web page.. the website is actually as follows:

w3schools. com

You will notice some very good tips comprehensive with some superior examples in this kind of website…

I might put the pictures in an shots folder also utilize a css file with the main layout as opposed to 1 for each page. You should start off together with some sketches for getting an idea of how you want to lay this web-site out first. And use CSS instead of a lot of nested tables to create your layout. After you finish your website you probably want to check it out in the distinct browsers IE, Firefox and Safari. Adobe even carries a browser lab that shows you how the site may look in more mature browsers.

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