Help me to add a picture list to my html based wap site

I am hoping to design any wap site utilizing html.. Bt we would like to find tips on how to link images on the web page to be a image list.. 1 page should be contain 5 pictures and image preview need to be shown in side from the links

< image> connect to image with that name
< image> connect to image with that name
< image> connect to image with that name
< image> connect to image with that name
< image> connect to image with that name
following back
.. Itz hard to design every one in html.. do u tak a soulution in this

can you please explain in more detail what you want.

Ok… We would like to design any mobile page… So we would like to add wallpapers to download… Bt i don’t realize how to do it.. I could mange it using HTML, bt it can be so hard… do u tak any idea to do this thing.. for case just visit http: //devinuwara. mobi/ and & click on wall papers

im still not sure what you signify, when i visit that site it just seems to be standard a href links to the php file as well as jpg

All right ok.. Itz the same as this.. When u click wall papers, you will be able to see lit of image kind.. Art, Animals…. When u visit 1 category you will definately get the page having several images as well as the image preview could shown side on the link & within a page we cane easily see only 5 pictures others are within the next page… ok Merely design this within HTML, I hav to design seperate pages my self. Do u tak a script or something to do this thing easy… Did u get me correctly now or tell me

ahhhh i realize what you indicate now. its identified as pagination. 1 sec ill dig out some info for you personally but you will have to know php

right take a look at
http: //php. regarding. com/od/phpwithmysql/ss/php_pagination. htm

basically the website you caused by connects to a database and fetch’s the info then displays that xx amount during a period.

mmmm… Ok I will try it.. Thankx to get helping me… thankx plenty

few other links dress yourself in help
http: //www. tyleringram. com/blog/basic-php-and-mysql-pagination-tutorial (quite good)
http: //www. phpfreaks. com/tutorial/basic-pagination

a person’s welcome

this website will certainly generate a database in your case!
http: //www. turningturnip. corp. uk/free-mysql-php-generator/web-code-creator. php

Do you find it required data put faitth on

I hav a additional question… by using sql data base should i connect pitures

you store the pictures on the server then develop php echo perform to echo your files location/filename

its exactly the same script used about my http: //sheffielddesignservices. com/sheffield-portfolio. php.

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