Help me with Navigation effects

Hi guys. I built this navigation panel.

What I need is a script or something to produce the little white boxes types of GLOW when you hover covering the link. What would I need for that

The following is the pic:

http: //i39. tinypic. com/2z82sg8. jpg

I need detailed instructions ideas.

I know it’s got something related to sprites but I don’t discover how to start…

Thanks for your time and effort


Search jquery. Once you choose to do that
that you can do something like this

< script type=" text/javascript" >
<! —
$(‘. navLink’). hover(function()
$(this). next(‘img’). addClass(‘hoverEffect’);
, function()
$(this). next(‘img’). removeClass(‘hoverEffect’);

< /script>

This questions method to open ended without seeing any markup.
post your navigation markup and the related css

you could always create any transparent bg with gimp or adobe that is certainly say, 10px larger subsequently the pic next paste your pic within the center then make a second with any glow effect gas the transparent isn’t stable then
background-image: url(http: //whatever);
: float background-image: url(http: //hoverwhatever);
//but IE7 includes poor support to get transparent images//
//but IE7 can be on its means out//.

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