Howdy, before I express my problem it might be rude if MY PARTNER AND I didn’t introduce me personally first. I’m Dan. I used to create little sites with my spare occasion and then a couple of years ago I designed a niche site for my Dad’s Villa. The website is here http: //www. villaclarissa. com. At any rate, as you cane easily see, this isn’t an exceptionally professional site in case I wasn’t loved ones, it would most likely not have been been given so well. Nonetheless now, I were approached by your dental technician who want me to do a site for them. Fundamentally, I have very little (or little) knowledge of anything and everything Used to do know I’m a little bit rusty on. Last time I achieved the majority of things through trial as well as error and I used to be planning on doing a similar thing this time period. I don’t include dreamweaver so I’m gonna hand script almost everything. The hope would be to look something very much alike this http: //www. haddonwilliams. com, which looks if you ask me like a very professional site. What I am finding hard at this time is how to obtain the site consequently thin and include numerous tables, and pretty much lots else. Can somebody give me several pointers, because I don’t forget last time Used to do this I didn’t find it especially hard. Please I’d end up being grateful with a advice, I’m not asking anybody to perform it for my home. Thanks

What I usually say to someone in your plight is to choose a free CSS template
that looks pretty much the method that you want it to check. Then, you customise it
by switching to operate an effective graphics, photos, in addition to content.

There are lots of free ones and several you can purchase:
http: //www. search engines. com/searchhl=en& q=free css template& btnG=Google Search& aq=f& oq=

The templates come to be a package of files for you to upload and after that start whacking
out at customizing. It’s all done utilizing a text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad.

So long as you don’t make use of any PHP, that can be done it all offline on your computer.

You should have to know that lately, < table> azines are really not used anymore
with regard to layouts. Tables tend to be for displaying tabular info, not positioning sections over a page.

Viewers the templates you view are W3C confirmed (XHTML/CSS) and pretty
much look identical in every browsers… that’s the full point of the idea.

Thanks. Nonetheless I downloaded that free template http: //www. freecsstemplates. org/preview/professional. But when i pasted the supply onto my Angelfire world wide web shell, the final results were as follows: http: //westcountrydental. angelfire. com/index. html page
Basically it looks as if the CSS scripting fails.
Any ways round this concern

I’m tearing my personal hair out right this moment not being able to put a web page that I’ve down loaded from CSS Themes, it’s just springing up on Angelfire to be a basic horrible web page can someone you should help

In the event you look at your Html page, in the < head> section,

This specific line:
< website rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css" href=" design. css" media=" screen" />

it’s in search of your style sheet… which does not exist:
http: //westcountrydental. angelfire. com/style. css

Also you didn’t add it, uploaded in to the wrong place,
or maybe that free hosting company is messing anyone up.

I don’t know why anyone even bothers which has a free webhost, as soon as you
can get your own website together with your own domain appoint for $30!
Which is $2. 50 a month! Less than one particular cup of Starbuck’s Latte!
http: //www. cleverdot. com

Eradicate that free webhost and create a real website.

I’m very new to doing this, can you i highly recommend you tell me what a stylesheet is plus basically, that signifies an idiots guidebook, and how to I try doing this.
Within the free web sponsor, I am only using it while I mess around with the site, once I obtain my bearings I’ll ditch it, but firstly I want to know how to use this style sheet products.

When you downloaded the web theme, I assume it was a zipped document with
a variety of files in it There have to have been some image files, the. html
files and a file called " design. css"

" design. css" is a file which has a list of CSS tags. It defines the global layout
instructions for any web page(s). In the < head> component to your web web page,
it really is linking to that will file, which you didn’t upload but you’ll want to upload that.

I thought maybe in the event you had done their own original website, you already had some
practical knowledge… but perhaps that was so long past, they really didn’t use CSS.
CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) is often a method that controls the planning and layout of
the many pages.. the " style" in the website.

I guess the only quest now is either obtain book about HTML/CSS via
Amazon. com or look at some tutorials on the net using Google:
http: //www. search engines. com/searchq=css 101 tutorial

In case you get the format working, you’ll end up being frustrated to doing changes
without the CSS knowledge.

Another thought… maybe you should purchase Dreamweaver in addition to do the site
employing that. Dreamweaver incorporates a similar CSS techniques, but in the package
which is more WYSIWYG kind of operation.

Or maybe, hire someone to perform the website available for you.

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