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Hi there, i’m not exactly sure where to put this, so Unwell give it some sort of shot here.

I’ve been asked to assistance develop an fine art community website, and within the laundry list of things they really want, i can can everything they’ve requested, but I am a lttle bit stuck on their request to let artists to be able to edit their unique pages, similar to how people have the ability to redesign their myspace and facebook or livejournal websites. the point being therefore , the artists could work with their pages while their websites.

obviously i might make a basic template for many artists, but i guess i’m rather stuck on how exactly i can accomplish this. i can imagine a good number of ways using php along with mysql, but as i’ve never discovered this before, we wonder if perhaps there’s a better way, or in the event that anyone here appreciates how myspace or maybe livejournal allow that. i know loads of css editing and planning could well be involved, but sure, i just hope someone may help me out as well as point me inside the right direction.

I really hope i was very clear in what i’m curious as to. Any help could be appreciated!


This post could be best in PHP along with MySQL or HTML PAGE, XHTML, XML, and CSS not that this matters much.
a good start is always to start looking on google for solutions:
searchwebphp scripts/searchweb
this might give you a concept.
to break it down give them away an interface in which runs on JavaScript create the code around the browser side after which you can update the file with the new code.

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