Help please!!!

Make need some guide. In fact… this is certainly specifically why I opted here.
We are trying to design a site for me and 4 other people.
You see we now have a small party going and we want youngster should be have conversations which might be posted on the website. Kinda like commenting and having the comments inserted in the site.
I dont find out what language to accomplish this with or the right way to do it.
I highly recommend you help!! If you need something clarified Sick be checking below often!
Thanks ahead of time!

You may tailor-make google form to gather comments, and tend to display comment along with modify the page. If you would like to get comments dynamically, you may use CMS for instance wordpress and drupal.

may u please explain this a tid tad more
We are afraid I was confused by just what you said.

We are a newbue far too! Would love to hear from everyone guys! I would suggest the use of Flash. I like to use it


You can use this by implementing wimzi. aim. com, here you’re going to get a widget, now you must see th options and i’m sure this will provide you the code and you will have a configure chat option towards your site.

Thank you!!

If you’re doing a site from nothing, I would just use WordPress and
produce 5 user financial records. You could possibly disable all written content except for
those 5 people, to make the site confidential.

You can find webhosts that apply " Fantastico Deluxe"… where it is possible to install
WordPress which includes a click of any button, automatically installs it to suit your needs. You then
should customize it having a theme (skins) as well as features you would like.
One webhost that concerns mind is www. cleverdot. com… as well as it’s cheap.

WordPress offers some other things too… such as searches and archiving, therefore you could
distinct your discussions simply by month, or topic, etc.

There are certain freelance programmers all around here (myself included) in which would
probably be prepared get it all set for you… for a small fee of some kind.
Believe subscribe to the particular webhost and create your website name… we would
install WordPress to get you started with whatever type of " look" and also " theme" you need.
There are various free WP themes available.

PM myself or ask from the " hire some sort of programmer" section if you want to have someone guide you
for a fee. We need more info to determine exactly what that fee could well be. But just recognize that
you could babies for free (except for that webhosting account).


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