Help! (Some questions about FLASH/XML SITES)

I am no stranger to html, actionscript, dreamweaver, or maybe flash, but I are in a slight rut, here.

Note: I’m not inquiring anyone do do the work for me. it would you have to be really helpful to have source fla’s, templates, tutorials, etc.

Fundamentally, I want in making an animated, dynamic-width flash site of showing off my initiatives, portfolio, and organization information, but I am absolutely overwhelmed. N:

Here’s the concept I’ve construct:

As possible see, the idea is often a simple monochrome layout using a top and underlying part bar, and your " moving" sidebar. No matter window-size, I want to create the bars stretch completely across the monitor, except for the underside one, which will exclusively go 100-200 pixels from the right borders.

  • Should I use xml or only flash
  • Should it be broken up into small swf information or be just one big one
  • One swf report per page, or one for the whole site
  • How do i go about building a dynamic width system in flash
  • What’s the most beneficial method to create animation " transitions" among pages
  • Do I want a preloader, and how do you make one
  • Is there everthing else I should recognize (tips, advice) before I start

I’m undecided if I had missed anything or not… _;

I understand I’m asking any LOT, but responses to any (or all) of these questions would often be greatly appreciated, and I’d be within your eternal debt.

many thanks for everyone’s occasion!

All the best,

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