Help with "copying" drupal modules so you have to of a kind…

I work for a drupalbased site and would like to know if anyone can assist me with the next.
I already have the module ‘forum’, but I would like to make any forum placed under the contemporary forum – but closed with a users. I made a fresh user type, so I’ll allow the user to view certain bloks : BUT, I choose to know, if I will:
: copy the module discussion boards, so I have got a ‘forum 2’ like a blok I hence might get viewed under ‘forum 1’
:… or there is usually an easier (or better) method out
Will that make just about any sense to everyone but me…
Hope you can help mearanoid:
Many thanks,

I checked this module: http: //drupal. org/project/restrict_content – but I’m not just a drupalshark and want to make it operate, with the adventures alreay integrated inside my site…

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