help with portfolio format for a landscape architect

Hi there everyone,

I’m a web style and design newbie, but I’m learning a whole lot. I have made a homepage from the template I observed online. I adapted it rather to change the colors and increase my logo, or anything else. Here is what I wish to accomplish.

I like this site, http: //www. timgossla. com and what he’s set up for any portfolio section.

Recommendations my site, http: //www. waldronla. com
the site will be pretty simple and I’d like to keep it that way for easy map-reading, but I’m afraid that this base area seriously isn’t big enough to suit the species of portfolio that ricky has. I tried for you to fiddle around using the css and html page to expand your box area, but am admittedly missing. any insight is actually greatly appreciated.

You last note, Used to do find a picture gallery that could suit my wants called simpleviewer, but I’m not sure the way to embed it into my site shape, especially since the particular base of my personal site doesn’t seem big enough that will accomodate

That site template you might be using is a little different. Same in appearance and feel but yours has might know about call an IFrame. That Iframe isn’t the most beneficial solution for search engine marketing and it’s something I stay away from.

The look you want is quite simple. I want it! But what you should do is create the code where you do have a header and footer. Then you could insert any little code at the center section you really want, ie your basic viewer and it can be applied to your website template, other web page content, event calendars etc…

Are you editing the html document for this site or are you experiencing some form with backend / CMS – content mgmt technique

I dislike the example you wish to emulate, it’s pretty for your designer but not good for the user. First it’s hard to find out what’s clickable. The thumbnalis tend to be so small as to be useless. And because there is certainly so little information to understand what’s ahead of the click, it simply brings out more clicks between a computer owner and their goal for poor quality reason.

It can be all " glance how good a new layout designer MY SPOUSE AND I am" and absolutely no " here is often a compelling reason to hire us to do your landscape work. " The term I’d use can be overdesigned.

Show a good thumbnail, fewer if necessary. Add in what’s not eventually result picture. I’d suggest at the very least a Before/After photograph set. In two or three pictures I have zero earthly idea what exactly was done.

What’s the process for creating a landscaping plan Is it easy and quick That you do not say.

There’s one picture on the spa or wading pool near to a large puddle, both in entrance of some system it’s hard to generate out. What ended up being done… concret do the job… the structure by pool… both/neither… did you take the down payment and show upwards for work with ninety minutes commited to memory or was the provider unreachable for 2 or 3 weeks before finally showing up You don’t point out.

Energy your client’s services superior to cheap lowball bidders You don’t say.

Apologies, the work does not speak for once more. There are plenty of unhandled objections as well as missing information. A part of it is because layout isn’t developed for the details needs of possibilities paying customers with money for the line. Potential buyers have real concerns, and the site layout is set up to answer none advisors.

It would be worse with this other layout, because there are a number of ways a new user could receive a wrong turn, end up when they don’t need to be, and have simply no hint as to get to where they wish to go.


Panorama Design:: Case Studies It is a problem / solution format ideal for selling landscape providers. And yet it is gimmicky enough to fulfill the more ardent resume driven custom.

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