help with resolution?? xD

Hey im pretty new to web site design but im looking to build a site for some upon my photography and i simply have two or three questions..

The initial question is.. associated with been to an affiliate site and it re also sizes it self and you also cant maximize it how ever go about doing that…

The second question is my own wallpaper is 1378×824 is that this to big to become my background to get my site..


1. Do not. I hate internet sites that mess together with my browser. It’s my web browser and I’ll make a decision what size the window has been to be thankyou.

On the other hand, if you really should do it : They open any popup window applying javascript. When you need to do that, you have manipulate over what items are on the new window, electronic. g. resize, site bar, scroll watering holes, etc.

Two problems that you come up agains. Few people turn javascript off of for security causes. Your site won’t benefit them. Many more people right now have popup blockers put in on their computer (e. g. yahoo and google toolbar). These blockers will break your website.

Your site doesn’t have to be in a resized eye-port of it’s unique. Just put your plain background within the areas of the screen which you don’t want to utilize.

COUPLE OF. Yes it can be. Most people employ 1024×800 resolution. Many people use 800×600 screen resolution. Only a couple of people use increased resolutions. You must design your site to manage whatever platform the user runs.

Usually, design you site on the pricipal of KISS. That is Preserve It Simple Silly. Your site will certainly benifit form should you conentrate on your photography – your content – and abandon the toys.

That can put it another way – that is the best photograph Usually the one in the antique watches frame or one in the Ikia mode. Ansewr – the frame doesn’t matter. It’s the photograph inside frame that matters. Just don’t use a normal chipped frame.

I design my sites in a 1024×800 resolution, I think most people are employing this resolution now. Many people even now use 800×600 though. I think creating for 1378×824 can be bad practice.

I’d recommend either building fluid internet pages in 1024×800 or perhaps static pages in 800×600 – but thats just what I do it doesn’t make it " standard" or perhaps anything.

i personaly utilize 1024/800 and i think is most work with it then most websites ought to be designed for this

Nope – you design for your lowest denominator not the most common. If say 20% regarding users still use 800×600 therefore you design for 1024×800 then you will instantly have lost 20% off your visitors. You in every personal training hits down this drain. That’s just simply stupid isn’t them.

You might want to make your designs use the smallest display you expect to have (probably 800×600 though you can also get handheld pda’s which have been getting used more these days). Subsequently check your style and design doesn’t look stupid on larger file sizes. You have to produce your site deal with almost everything which might be thrown at this.

Furthermore, just cause I’ve a high file size, don’t mean you need to use all that area. I’ve got other activities on my filter like toolbars, menus and the like. So even while my resolution is focused to 1152×854, you’ll be able to only use about 1000px from the width for ones page. And that’s only when I bother in order to maximise the cell phone window.

You never understand how the users system is going to be setup. So be employed by the worst case therefore you know you will still handle the most effective.

well you definatly explained!…
i never considered it that means

i would definetly realize the lowest commen denominator but I’d personally more suggest makeing your page fluid to let your catch adjust to the dimensions of the filter this way you don’t need to worry about exceding the actual edges although i might use a script to hold it within this max size(the ideal size your screen may be before your web-site looks nasty)

Even when doing a h2o, flexable layout, you still need to design for your resolution. There will aways always be one setup that your page looks ideal on. All the ok ones are a destruction from that excellence. The trick is at limiting the degradation in order that it doesn’t glimpse so bad that it’s broken.

You’ll be able to limit the greatest extent size with screenplays, but in normal scripts are best kept to your minimum. It’s nearly KISS.

of which sounds right…. a few pages are somewhat wack, and others are more or less perfect… it all hangs on the quality… im learning the little details that wasn’t apparent ot myself…

Yes I need to agree that we have a perfect resolution. Scripting although should be kept to a nominal amount can and should always be used to add interaction on the site. as to the kiss rule the script that i have pretty properly does it i may show it for your requirements:

< html>
< script type=" text/javascript" >
<! --
purpose resize()

var broad = window. monitor. availWidth
var excessive = window. monitor. availHeight
var maxh = ONE THOUSAND // your maximum height here; enter 0 or used
var maxw = ONE THOUSAND // your maximum width here; enter 0 or used
var content material = document. getElementById('content')
content material. style. position = 'absolute'
if(maxh > 0 & & excessive < = maxh)

content material. style. height = high

if(maxw > 0 & & broad < = maxw)

content material. style. height = high

if(maxh > 0 & & excessive > maxh)

content material. style. height = maxh
excessive = (high : maxh) / ONLY TWO
content. style. top = high

if(maxw > 0 & & broad > maxw)

content material. style. width = maxw
broad = (wide : maxw) / ONLY TWO
content. style. kept = wide

// Tend not to remove line underneath
content. innerHTML = content material. innerHTML + " < p style='position: overall; top: 95%; wider: 40%; left: 30%; '> given by: < a href='http: //ls-design. forthelads. net'> liveing_sacrifice< /a> < /p> "

< /script>
< /HEAD>
< SYSTEM onLoad=" resize()" >
< div id=" content" >
< p>
All of your content would hop on over. < /p>
< /div>
< /body>
< /html>

On my PCs 1024×768 is the resolution, not 1024×800 – is this an American resolution, perchance Different size screens etc… I’ve never viewed 1024×800 anywhere here in great britan.

I might

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