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My personal background in webdesign is actually basic. Enough to do by myself companies websites gradually and mostly personal taught so practically nothing fancy.
I need to find out how to stop the text upon my webpages by turning italic after clicking the link. In other thoughts, the text is normal if your page is displayed for once. Once one of the links are clicked, the next time that page is displayed, that same link is currently in italics.
I had a similar difficulty with underlines appearing for the link after is definitely was clicked, We were able to remedy that problem after installing this in the head of your webpage.
< style type=" text/css" >
<! —
the text-decoration: none;
< /style>

Is there something similar just for this italics issue
Many thanks for you support.


There have to be a css rule somewhere for that " a: visited" placed to italic. If you’re definitely not experienced enough to get it then publish a link plus we can have a look.

I seached online and found this but it seemed to do the job –
virtually any thoughts
< script type=" text/javascript" >
oldTextAry = different Array();
function changeText (fieldObj, newTexStr)
if (newTexStr == fieldObj. innerHTML)
fieldObj. innerHTML = oldTextAryfieldObj. username;
oldTextAryfieldObj. username = fieldObj. innerHTML;
fieldObj. innerHTML = newTexStr;

< /script>

Javascript is greek to my advice. Do you possess a link so I can see the code If it is a flash site as well as Javascript laden site then I ain’t gonna be capable to help. If it is really css based, then We can at least examine it.

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