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This is my first article here at Web site design Forums. Hello most people.

I’m a Computer Program Technician, and happen to be employed as such with the last 7 a long time. I also employ a Bachelor’s Degree throughout Computer Science out of Florida Gulf Coast University, with knowledge in Java, C++, SQL, and many PHP and ASP. I’ve some experience together with HTML 4 from the government financial aid the day, and I’ve taken a several classes in web site design.

I’m a ham a radio station operator (KJ4MUY) and belong to the Fort Myers Inexperienced Radio Club within Fort Myers, FL.

I’ve been with the club a little bit over a season. In a year’s moment, I’ve created some sort of database of all of the members (using Microsoft Access for the reason that front-end, but writing all of the queries using SQL), and somehow managed for being the editor from the club’s monthly distribution. I am by no means a designer. I’m a black-and-white, follow-the-rules method of guy. I feel very meticulous.

I’m now attempting for you to focus my attention on the club’s website, Foot. Myers Amateur The airwaves Club.

Provided this website could use a great deal of work. It looks like the person who is responsible for it now (a pal of mine and registrant of the club) functions a WYSIWYG editor, which has hashed the particular background code in order to shambles. I want to re-design this site, not only pertaining to better navigation, but for W3C XHTML standards compliance.

(I deal with the site, to modify the website, etc. I formerly modified the a pair of roster pages regarding W3C compliance. It took a long time. I figure it would be a waste of your respective to re-do every page on the webpage, considering the latest site structure (or shortage of)… )

Anybody who designed the positioning hard-coded the menu into every WEB CODING page. So merely want to switch a menu merchandise, I have to change it on as a minimum 16 different webpages (there are web pages that exist and therefore are reachable through rest of the web-site, but do NOT exist on the menu… another basis for the re-design).

I had been thinking to switch the horizontal menu right into a vertical menu straight down the left-hand side of the page.

My first question is this:

Possibly there is some way that i can make a menu that is certainly NOT Flash-based, will not use frames and/or iFrames, AND appears exactly the same on every page from the website, AND I could edit it once and possess it change for every page, AND has an indicator of where I’m in the internet site, on the menu

The net host is GoDaddy.

Thanks a lot for your moment.

Lilly Bennett

OMG — that’s Frontpage, is what that may be! All the styling is on the HTML page, and everything is at tables…

It sounds like there is a limited amount of effort and time to spend on re-doing this page – and to create it compliant you’d should learn about additional stylesheets and lots of other stuff. These days, all that stuff can be bought online – we have a terrific tutorial with this site at http: //www. webdesignforums. net/web_… gning_professional_website_scratch_35216. html

But if you’re in some a hurry, this is just the once that I might suggest with a template to get started. As you work with the template you’ll commence to understand the means the code functions, and be additional able to go forward alone. There are a huge amount of free template sites out there, I’d investigate all of them first, and avoid the mega-sites including TemplateMonster, where many of the templates look alike and there is no support to speak of.

Yes, you can complete a menu that could show on every single page and only need to be created once – do it as a PHP contain. Go here PHP include() as well as require() for a good example of how to visit about it.

I really hope this has made it easier for,
Kind regards,

Thank you a great deal of for your assist and direction! I have one of the pages completely modified into proper XHTML 1. 0 with additional style sheets plus classes!

This tutorial you submitted, well, let’s just say I’m just one n00b (if that is certainly possible) with Photoshop, so it’s going to take a though, but it’s unquestionably good information. I’ve been doing loads of research on the actual 960 grid technique. Looks pretty awesome.

As I said ahead of, the site can be being hosted utilizing GoDaddy. Without going into too much aspect, I am about to have to use ASP in contrast to PHP. Fortunately, ASP even offers an includes script.

One thing I’m not certain of, however, is usually to have the food selection " highlight" the present page in your menu. Say I click " Page 4". These days I’m viewing Site 4. How am i allowed to make that reflect within the menu

Thanks again in your time!

You’re more as compared with welcome – the idea feels good to be able to help!

For your menu highlighting – inside your CSS, make the class called " active" and give them the properties that you would like the highlighted connection to havae. Then give the particular link the class as part of your HTML

Such as this:


This is just among the CSS – make your own personal properties – bold text, coloured history, borders, whatever you want. If you interested in it in motion, visit my web page.

If I am aware you correctly, I’ve already done this particular:

I’ve my menu throughout menu. asp.

I’ve my page (let’s call it page. asp).

I’ve an ASP comprises in page. asp to feature menu. asp.

The problem is, if I hard-code the class to the menu/HTML/page/etc., it defeats the aim of having an involves, as I would need to have a different menu per page, which I’m seeking to avoid.

Is this correct Are you experiencing any other suggestions/ideas I was maybe thinking dynamically using some type of ASP script…

write up a main page/theme. leave the content area to a php script or perhaps asp/equiv to call content according to & _GET parameters occur the menus links. you could go as far as to autopopulate the menu according to files in an individual folder, each file discovered being stripped on the extension and indexed by the menu. should the link is clicked, reloads the page using the content from this url parameters/file affiliated. as the web-site grows, you just include files named because they would appear from the menu to that folder.

Any advantage to choosing a CMS in such a situation I’m unclear how much longer I’m about to be the one administering the positioning. Just about all the rest of that

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