Hey all am back back back…..

Hello all thanks for those of yours interactions with me about REMOVED plus web development company india My organization is working in i-netsolution on Chennai, as an online designer, one of my buddy refered me to spoke over here in this forum page to educate yourself and discuss more things about web design he or she he he bye many

uhhhhh… what the deuce If this is not SPAM, shouldn’t it certainly be from the general discussion area

There were no conversations with that site. Do you will have another account here

I reiterate from another article.

Why do web-designers come to an online design forum and try and spam their way to some work. Ainnn going to work!

yeah dude I don’t believe clients hang out there here

without doubt friends.. sorry to the inconvenient.. i just wished to say that i will be working as a web designer in i-netsolution organization… That’s all… apart from that there’s no other things to spam here…

well you’re not supposed to spam in any way. Check your PM. Zero signatures allowed prior to 10 posts, also manual ones.

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