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Definitely, im new here. Im kinda lost, and new to Web page design in general. I hope you guys might help a newbie available. So i baught the domain, and we have some code with dreamweaver. How must attack that code with my website I realize its probably easy, or im just simply dumb. But in the event you could help me out, that could be awesome. Thanks again.

Please describe further.

many thanks for replying. Good i baught the domain, and we made a web site in dreamweaver. I want that page to show up when i go to the website inside a browser.

Define your site in DW. That’s where everyone enter info the files in your blog Such as: wherever to store a person’s pages, ftp, in addition to login info.

Once you enter this facts, then your all set for upload. Just select a file in the files panel as well as click the " up arrow" button in order to " put" that file.

I’m assuming you have a host

remorseful if I’m definitely not getting your question, but you designed a page in dw therefore you want it to exhibit up in an online browser when you select it If that’s the case, just have the actual extension. html. I am assuming you signal the webpage, instead of using the WYSIWYG editor. I don’t have experience with DW so I might be missing a little something.

Ok, the problem can be you’re missing a step in the deal. You need to acquire your domain as well as website hosted. To the, you need to purchase web hosting providers, as in internet. 1and1. com or maybe www. hostgator. com.

Once you’ve a web web hosting package, you may upload your style and design using FTP, and transfer your website service over using your domain name registrar’s DNS configuration.

Then you’re done!

yep, i knew i used to be missing something, thanks for all you help!

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