hi there im new to the forum and additionally new to web design.
I’ve spent a final 6 months mastering from tuts as well as making forum sigs personally and my good friends, and i love sitting down at the pc with my personal photoshop and strategies for new sigs. Any way a few friends of excavation have said that we should start to use flash, which tbh i havent a clue how to use lol, but i have signed up taking part of a few part time training on photoshop, dreamweaver, and also flash, cos im hoping to begin web design for just a living, or even go into little business of my own , personal.
But the thing is that i dont know anyone who’s a web designer and i used to be wondering what quantity of money can a wordpress website designer make

gives thanks akuji

Many people feel, there are a pair of aspects to site creation…

1) Page Designer…
This person provides the graphics/Flash experience to generate the layout and
look of the site, colors, font, CSS type sheets, etc. The experience
and talent associated with artistic design will be the basis for how an site looks.

2) Page Developer…
This particular person creates this " backend" of the site. The source-code,
server-side languages, MySQL database (or different databases), etc.
Their experience is important in how the site operates… making the
site dynamic (instead involving static), processing varieties, and allowing the
customer to regulate content (manage content) without having programming
expertise. The developer translates into, log-in scripts, protection features,
candy bar programming, Java, Javascripting, PHP, Perl… and so on.

I would guess plenty of people fit into one of many two areas, but not both.
When you have experience in both and therefore are gifted with the knowledge and
love for both, you would be able to do very well yourself.
" Caps off" to the folks who are gifted both in areas.

In all likelihood, you will major in one of many two areas and choose a job
with someone else, as a collaboration, sub-contractor, or layout company.
Therefore, it’s just a regular job, like anyone else has.

By myself, I’m more directly into server-side languages, and also lack Flash or perhaps graphic
style and design abilities. Thus, WHEN I help people help to make their sites energetic, but
will need some outside help for graphics. WHEN I work free-lance plus am not able
to sustain a living at web progress.

ah perfect, im more of your web page designer, as i havent received a clue in regards to the other side involving it.
thanks with the reply its helped alot.

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