Hmmm … how cool is this?

Oftentimes I find things that are really interesting for you to discuss:

http: //experiments. instrum3nt. com/markmahoney/ball/#

Any applying for grants that

It’s a real tribute towards internet as becoming built by people with too much time on their palms.

Emblematic from the nonsense that " somebody should use… for something. "

The true trick is request. Hard headed pragmatism is definitely as rare when hen’s teeth throughout web development. My thoughts are this is certainly Trivial Pursuit – Code Edition. If anyone ever puts this by some interesting use, it would shock me.

But then the Internet must rethink its’ tagline: Because We Can

If you want to X-trubate, Flash is the better platform. Flash has the benefit of being a bit of a walled community whose sole awareness is Flash… not necessarily users…. usability…. desirability… invention or ever reading anything approaching review. It’s the type of narcissistic disinterest throughout anything outside home indulgent self gratification you’d get rotting in jail for performing publicly in the real world.

It’s the incredibly flowering of just what exactly nearly everyone on the net seems to would like to. Great case in point. Very world perspective affirming.


I considered Flash right away… why not work with Flash
Yet after more thought, I could never think of a better
response compared to eloquent post you provided. I’m speechless.

Easily was someone essential, I would hire to write my messages

Is WDF a terrific forum, or just what

Flashturbation! Oh yea that’s funny!
I don’t notice anything wrong along with people developing similar to that, just imagine what they could do if that they put that hard work toward something handy. They probably have got and we just have no idea about it. It’s things such as this that Can result in useful breakthroughs. We all have our priorties.

Here’s probably my snippets within my website rebuild project:

I started to understand animation and nice eye candy on one point then thought,

" I’d be much better off learning things such as functionality and what sells instead of taking 1 yr of my precious time trying to learn cool stuff that does not work right as well as is useless. "

That sums it up for me. I had 2 options for the next thing to learn: Flash animation or perhaps php mysql. Now which one will probably boost my web building power Perfect.

DC is changing the way in which we think…. one post at the same time.

DC856 — although I generally consider your posts usually are awesome, this response is a bit of an… Er… How do you call it… Overreaction.

Can you often see your circus get rotting in jail for doing things general health can’ Do you think circus performers almost all initially started by way of saying man, I’m going for making money off of the and it’s going to entertain people’, or do people think maybe many of them might get started with I wonder merely can do some sort of backflip’

Because we can’ is a terrible reason to perform something in internet business and perhaps for any business site. But that’s not what this is. This is trying to play around. This is I would really prefer to read Tolstoy because I’m serious about what he should say’, or I’m going to play Halo for dinner because I wonder only can pass the particular level I was on’. It may not be hey, here’s something that will be manifestly helpful to your business’. It may not be check it, guy, I just developed something that may revolutionize the Online as we know it’. It is definitely, quite simply, guy, it would be pretty cool merely could make this specific ball image bounce around several browser windows’. Nothing nefarious. Just exciting. Jeez.

As well as for the record, the internet will be built by people with too much time on their hands because things usually are built by way of people with too much time on their hands’. A writer is currently writing a book mainly because he has too much time on his hands’, and he chooses to pay that time with writing. Einstein happens with the way of thinking of relativity for a patent clerk because to be a patent clerk, he has too much time on his hands’ along with he’s interested. The difference is not between those elements built by those with too much time on their hands and those techniques built by folks who magically have little time on their hands and wrists, it’s between things built for a clear purpose and those who weren’t.

Arguing the exact issue you described, rather than directed out that it is really irrelevant, something like this most likely are not directly applicable, nevertheless the techniques used around producing it (in this particular case, good communication somewhere between windows) can contribute to useful stuff down the road. Granted, in this specific case, the demonstrated technique is well know, but that’s not invariably true.

CHANGE: Just to simplify, I agree that this sort of thing is likely to be completely useless to get a real website which has a real purpose, except perhaps to be a show of technical prowess should you be trying to market your skills. I simply take issue with the general tone of man, this is completely useless, you could be doing products *useful* things’. At times useful just is not the point. As well as in sparse situations, those things of which weren’t built for useful’ yield something quite definitely so ten iterations after.

Of course, useful is harder, yes, there’s plenty of useless on the web, and yes, Flash intro animations include the most annoying issue since papercuts. Nevertheless the point of this is that it’s sorts of neat, for something that’s not particularly useful.

Discovering the " spending windows" thing kind of brings to brain the
idea of passing something from one cellular (iphone) to a different.

Wouldn’t it be kind of cool if within just some proximity of each one other, or
by some means of knowing another mobile phone is nearby, that will something
just gets passed to the other phone. And also from one telephone browser
screen to another telephone browser window.

I’m unclear where I’m the use of the idea…. just simply interesting, is all.

And actually the iPhone OS v3. 0 will let you do things such as this, and the Microsoft Zune already does Transmitting information, that is — extending that towards browser is a fascinating concept that may or might not exactly already have been recently done.

There are actually some rather nice small devices sold by Sun that may communicate close-range that adheres to that, too, called SunSpots:

http: //www. youtube . com. com/watchv=vPBVmLdmI5s

http: //www. sunspotworld. com/

You kind of should skip through component to the first video to access the accelerometer example, and the short-range comms part is close to the end.

Kind of a left-handed disagreement, but I obtain the gist.

Technical research is normally seen as frivolous. Some very beneficial products and elements were created by mistake or speculation " What if… "

Circus performers also qualify — I’m informed about The Entertainment Economy argument.

There’s a normal forumula: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. AIDA.

The point is web development feels, to me, jammed on attention. Not necessarily turning the gee whiz into bankable festival performer wage. Circus performers are not oblivious to their own audience, and a good number of use audience response to refine what exactly " works" in a performance. What starts when play never swerves from the focus on program.

(Your judgment notwithstanding, a bazaar performance is do the job. Not pointless participate in — paid work).

While I’m not aware of circus performer connections, I’d wager that they trade ideas plus develop innovations. But always while using audience in imagination.

My point is always to distinguish these out of cross window browser ball bouncing sorts of experiments.

MY SPOUSE AND I, myself, have had countless difficulties finding relatively basic site elements gradually that have a user focus.

Therefore research is good, my criticism is actually failure to innovate practical application development is more common than is meant or admitted throughout web development. " All hat no cattle" as they could say in Colorado front range.

I want to say Flash is actually fine to examine. My criticism is not specifically Flash nevertheless the invisibility of websites like Flazoom, while sites like 2Advanced are a practical default dialogue. It’s disproportionate in comparison with other venues for instance circus performance or the total amount of technical investigation to product improvement.

Confident, this might bring about a useful application. I just don’t believe there’s any desire for developing one. And the reason I suggest is the would-be developer must stop thinking around the technology and start thinking of a user… plus they simply don’t would like to.


Interest Macromedia: I Is definately Your Scapegoat pretty much sums up my view it isn’t really the tool, and also the designer, or one tree in your dysfunctional ecosystem. The article clarifies the self reinforcing large rock wall you face — purely sociological — any Flash developer possesses in trying considering the end user.

I believe the sentiment, for sure. Hell, I *know* I’m guilty of this in a couple of way — I just now make myself feel better by informing myself that I’m wanting to learn and increase that. My issue seemed to be with presenting that argument like a response to the following page, which is definitely clearly just a great I wonder whenever… ‘ or perhaps an it could be cool to… ‘ — the point of your Chrome Experiments site, as far as I’ll tell.

But I determine what you’re saying within the Internet seeming far more fluff than content on the whole. I think that may just be because it’s a lot easier to produce and distribute fluff on the net compared to different media, while actual content, and a

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