Homepage design tips wanted

Suggestions my site: http: //barkinanime. site50. net/

Please give me any suggestions on making the homepage or maybe other pages additional visually appealing

Look for a better WordPress concept. That one just isn’t very flattering.
It is possible to upload a different theme and test that out without wrecking your existing concept.

Are there virtually any specific things that make it bad Because i will not want a theme somebody else made. If you tell me i could truthfully fix it me personally

It’s look kind of " dated", like the borders, grayish colorings, etc.
The content looks more exciting compared to site design.
I’m not just a graphic designer, therefore I probably should not even say anything at all.

To be able to change stuff (CSS), first display a page on your own browser, view your HTML source,
and appearance for the " id" as well as " class" tags that trapp the part you need to change.
Evaluate the various. css files inside your theme’s CSS folder… locate those " id" as well as " class"
houses, and you’ll view what the style properties are.

Walking contradiction…


Change your fonts and populate the empty places.

You can receive more reviews by way of asking reviews during this sites reviews in addition to rating section.

All the best!

Hi, an effective way to find a great look is to consider good examples. Do a Google seek out Good Web Internet page Design, also look into coolhomepages. com. A further useful site is usually webpagesthatsuck. com

Here are my suugestions:
-Use an added interesting font.
-The header photo looks really blurry.
-000webhost really
-The big ORIGINATE 2012 banner doesn’t make with anything… and on the Info page it overlaps the suitable sidebar.
-Rename the info connection to About
-The Depart a Reply (comment form) is usually wwwaaaayyy ttoooo wwwiiiidddeeee
-Too much boring gray causes it to become look old-fashioned.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying it sucks, yet try some changes, and maybe consider how you could fix the situations I’ve brought in place, and see exactly how it looks after that. It’s a beneficial start, but some individuals quite bland or else. Sure, craiglist will be bland too, but they did it on purpose obviously. However, you made effort to make it look nice but it surely still looks mundane. What does this specific mean It means you do have a solid start but really need to polish it up slightly Nice job a long way and good luck with all your site!

It was before meant for

I have no idea what a " walking contradiction" means.

I suggested they look for a nice WP style that looks a lot better than the one they’ve.
All around health originally asked how you can edit their current theme, I told them where chose the files to update.

I wouldn’t edit the existing one if the idea were me… but We were answering their query.
They want to fix their own theme themselves.

anything in the design looks out dated thou but the particular content looks probable since I’m a fan of anime mainly robot type style.. well anyways the one that suggest that you choose a better theme is right the planning looks empty thou your generic box type thingy various of templates around that was available so you might use and it save you a lot of headache’s if you don’t wish to accomplish the design in your self. Anyways for begin you did an excellent job their carry on posting.

Thank you all, I just made the latest background let me really know what you think.

We’d remove the believe black lines that will highlight the certain images in your home page. Hi-def seem necessary.

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