horrible problem – Easy way for webmaster to remove their outdated content from SEs?


Im dealing with an amount of a distressing problem which can be some illegal quite questionnable content featuring on the web – I possess gone thru authorized procedures to require the webmasters use to remove/change the content and so they have, but my issue now is with google – though the sensitive images have been removed, they still display them inside their cache

ive tried to work with the removal require tool, but in cases where the webmasters have not removed the image using their server, just changed the content with the image itself, the actual removal request tool doesnt work and denies my ask.

now and again, the webmaster provides redirected a article ive asked them to clear out to another web site. when you enter an image web site too, you get delivered to the same rerouted page. google removal require tool doesnt work for me here both.

ive sought help from a number of people who the two say the blogger needs either to produce the content produce a 404 as well as use meta information to share with search engines not to crawl. unfortunately i doubt any belonging to the webmasters who have thought to change rather than remove the photographs in question so as to preserve the page itself may wish to make their site uncrawlable or with an ugly bare 404.

so my task should be to give these webmasters a fantastic option – such as a custom 404 page having a link to numerous content, or meta information not to ever index the subject material ive asked them to cut out along with his or her page redirects theyve build. i have BY NO MEANS done anything prefer that before, and am afraid i can ask the webmasters to complete something so complicated it puts them off and they wont do that.

asking them to visit thru google picture removal request application themselves after just isn’t an option – there are many images per web site, and i super much doubt anyone may want to spend time doing more of these, i’d do this bit once they have done your above, and also merely can i would prefer to take as often of the workload as poss making sure that webmasters have less to do and are more likely to comply.

does anyone know the most effective way for a webmaster to virtually tell google often " hey this particular image has changed" as well as " hey dont get this" or " theres practically nothing here" (custom 404) what one is easiest, and might i – as being a beginner in webdesign, get it done for them

remember to help!

Yahoo " robot. txt".

thanks, yeah im aware about doing nofollow with robots if thats precisely what you meant – or else then could you please explain further

now some of most of these webmasters obviously prefer to preserve their web pages i guess – because rather than remove the image/content, they change the image in question to not element myself – the name belonging to the picture, and the wherabouts, is identical place.

there has to be anyway for a webmaster to talk about " hey the search engines, recache my page you should update your listing" – i realize google wouldnt help to make this option intended for something uncommon just like my situation, but they have to have something, i am talking about what when an organisation changes its emblem, or branding, or a deal theyve put around an image in their site is will no longer on… any tips

sign up for the web master resources on any SE use. they all supply tools or some sort of help section to cut out pages from indexing. if you do not want to take out the page but have it better updated, this takes a number of months before your index cache has fully evolved each page. adjusting software and site road directions is future aggravating not past anxious.

thankyou – unfortunately tried and tested googles image/search final result removal tool, while you say " the actual webmaster has improved the page in question", google demands " what keyword phrases have they removed" and my issue is no darned keywords are removed, and the image name remains to be a keyword, so they really don’t remove.. the important updated image however doesnt feature any kind of sensitive content.

i can look into custom 404s – some have place in a redirect when you said yes. when you variety the image method into your visitor it redirects everyone there too – do they should remove the page redirect theyve enforced to have googles removal tool to simply accept and also can i poss accomplish a custom 404 with regard to them and just give them away a coded page and a few snippet to put elsewhere

are you saying here it doesnt matter whenever they change their bots. txt today, google still may well not recrawl for many weeks

ok. sorry. i did definitely not read your problem entirely thrue. You have images of concern on other peoples websites there is little more you can do other then getting legal council.

Ive already gone thru legal procedures to own the content removed from the net. All i require do now is remove it coming from Googles cache. I am competent to send a document for many of the content to Yahoo to request that they remove it.

But i would not have the required written documents to send for every other removals – I’ve the legal right in some cases to remove a few of the content, but many of the other content thats there would not have a copyright manager really. or at minimum not one which can be contacted.

So i need to request the webmaster to handle whatever is needed in view of Google to recognize – after my partner and i notify them thru a removal ask on their subject material removal request form – how the image has been updated or is will no longer there, and to cut out it. To make it easiest for your webmaster and less like 6-pack abs i want to obtain the easiest ways to do this.

Hopefully ive spelled out clear enough this occassion

easiest methods to doing this…… well there isn’t you. im not certain why an image you will have no copyright about is so important or dui attorney las vegas seem so determined to get it removed nonetheless expect that somehow there exists a lazy way to do it. kind of a contradiction in terms of i can observe. best of luck but it is a web design community, not an " omg i shouldn’t have so drunk and let them get compromising pics of me" forum.


I’m sure the closest forum with a forum for this is Googles help discussion board for removing sensitive stuff from other results.. however Concerning tried this, along with contacting Google one on one, and no final result.

Furthermore I got not drunk but was heavily anorexic within the photographs. This is damaging. My job is as a model. This is another reason why its damagi

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