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Howdy everyone and thanks in advance for your assist!

A client asked me for making a website intended for his small hotel, where the visitors will be able to book their rooms and pay via charge card (paypal etc). How such a niche site works What do I should do Do I have any particular cms other things Everything from scratch. I have no clue in the least!: -\

This can be a pretty big challenge for someone which has no programming knowledge.
I suggest you engage a programmer to accomplish the coding. You may also find a
pre-made PHP/MySQL course for " hotel room booking".

This is also something to get integrated with your hotel " prominent desk", as
someone could possibly be booking a area online, using the product, or dropping by face-to-face.
A hotel owner, clerk, or anything else. would need to be able to close a room if it turned out booked, so
nobody can book this online… and it has to be done in AUTHENTIC TIME.
Double-booking a space, or over-booking would be a disaster.

This is an excellent place to start looking for more information:
http: //www. yahoo and google. com/searchq=php hotel making your reservation for systems

You may also look into using a web based service that can be run by someone else, and your
client pays a new subscription fee to use the service. No programming or scripting needed
on the part.

I ll check it out!
Thanks a lot very very significantly!

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