How a Web Design goes straight to hell

My aunt shared this by using me, it’s made to be funny but so much of it holds true. Article I am sure you’ll get a kick beyond this. Enjoy!

Fortunately for me, I do scripting/programming.
The planning part falls onto another.

Maybe I see me personally as " Miffles" seller… yikes.

Miffles seller LMAO… Nice!

Let us make " Miffles" the verb for work with on WDF.

If you miffle a website, you’re adding crap to it that’s not needed.

Yeah for sure lol..

I am going to play around by using that.

HAHA, Thanks to the post haha truly enjoyed that. Sadly soooo true it may not be even funny.

" AlphaMare miffled the web page by adding an excessive amount Flash animation. "

WOW – We were all set to supply a big ol’ " Like" to your article until I found you imputing we would ever add a great deal of flash to everything! I have miffled many sites I am sure – but none with Flash; MY SPOUSE AND I miffle away having scads of improperly written javascript as a substitute!

I was checking this 24 hours a day… " I wonder the length of time it will take for M. THE. to notice this specific post".
… didn’t take you excessively.

I just created a migraine thinking about a psychotic women Used to do a site with regard to. I ended up walking away along with my work as well as left her because is. Luckily, I did not really give her a chance to Miffled my function, just my mood.

Its excellent to getting a little lighting comfort sometimes and something that basically excited us inside workplace this weeks time is a following: http: //theoatmeal. com/comics/design_hell

I do believe designers need recreate limits from the start so that doesn’t happen. When each parties understand this scope, everyone benefits (in my opinion).

hahaha relatively funny article

I’ve just started off myself and strangely I like to do is discuss together what they really would like, then you should back off a when they start behaving as if they’re the custom… ‘I’m the custom made… get me outta the following! ‘

Your site has SOOOO much happening, I didn’t know where to check with all the busyness.

Haha! Sit back relax and rise all in…

There’s a rule about fresh users posting inbound links. You need at the least 15 posts. Aside from, this is not really the thread in order to post this within.

Plus a tip. Don’t be obtaining for SEO when yuor web blog clearly doesn’t stick to that principle.

FINE. Relax i’ll be on 15 discussions soon. Thanks with regard to letting me realize.

OMG! Become nice. What has just how I’ve designed site got to do with charging for WEBSITE POSITIONING

I think it has to do with your site code being mess and poor SEO that you need to not be loading people for " SEO". Just simply my thoughts, I am sure Kayo can sophisticated more.

Fireproofgfx more or less guessed my thoughts towards tea. From my guess, it appears like you sliced way up a photoshop track and used the actual HTML export attribute. The code generated from that is extremely poor. I am sure the google spider looks at far more code compare to be able to what it work with to, but you are generally making google read over it needs to. Images for text is rather bad, even if you are using alt tags.

The flash carousel seriously isn’t indexable, especially if the information is possibly not being pulled through an XML report. That could connected with been easily built in jquery, especially which includes a plugin.

You have to remember, your site reflects you. You should present to you know what you do.

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