How Are these pages made? Ferrari , Peugeot: rollovers-dropdowns


I am new in web development and I would like to know how would be the two following pages made:
http: //www. peugeot. fr/Produits/Decouvrirlagamme/vp/
this rollover effect with the cars appearing

http: //www. ferrari. com/Italian/Pages/Home. aspx
the flyout menu with the images.

Please tell me personally what software is used, programming language, and how this kind of setup works because I am quite confused and a client likes these…
Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you very much before hand!

It’s done with plenty of complicated javascript. The truth is the whole web site practically runs about javascript, so it’s difficult to acquire that particular program code, for me at any rate. Who knows should they used a application or hand coded them. Someone else may expand on this post.

Thank you for your fast reply!
But still even more info is nevertheless needed!

You should use jQuery to built some beautiful move down menus. You will discover here some good examples: http: //www. 1stwebdesigner. com/resources/38-jquery-and-css-drop-down-multi-level-menu-solutions/

Because Steve mentioned, it really is done w/ JS. Also you can see how they are controlling things by contemplating the CSS for any navigation here: http: //www. ferrari. com/Style%20Library/assets/styles/navigation. css.

Such as BabBardeL said, that can be done some pretty cool stuff w/ jQuery.

POST ‘m checking them out!
Thank you all!

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