How can a client choose a website design?

Howdy Good People!

I truly love this community forum. Please help We have two questions.

How do i present three different sites with a client. I am designing an internet site for a clientele. I want for you to upload three various designs for her so she can make the one she likes best. Thing is we reside in different cities.

1)What is the simplest way that I could present the some different designs to help her
2)How can one create and include sub domains
How do i create subdomains to ensure that visitors to my website can variety www. subdomain1. nairaman. com or maybe www. subdomain2. nairaman. com and also access the various pages as subdomains. I want to tell my local freinds to log into for instance www. cheese. nairaman. com or maybe www. marmalade. nairaman. com How do you create these diverse websites

Set up 3 different directories:

world wide web. nairman. com/example1
world wide web. nairman. com/example2
world wide web. nairman. com/example3

Then simply create the particular 3 separate websites within those websites.

Thanks on your post. Let me get this clear. After creating the three directories are you saying that for each directory I could have a different index
Question If I want to give an associate the URL how do you tell him to login Does he / she login to nairaman. com/subdomain1 or maybe subdomain1. nairaman. com

Do i create the subdomains throughout my cpanel also

He is indicating put them throughout folders (directories) in your current root. Not subdomains. If you don’t understand that much then you should be headed for difficulties actually designing an affiliate site for someone residing in another city.
Also, be careful about installing sites for your client of choice. This is just how people get tricked. I would suggest low res filter shot images whenever it’s just the actual basic appearance they need to see. When they pick out one, get some funds down and start creating coursesmart.

These may not be subdomains… just diverse directories,
in addition to yes, each you’ve got their own " index" report.

You give him the URL with the directory name: world wide web. nairman. com/example1

Each directory can offer the same files because the other ones, but
with the differences you made between the illustrations…
layouts, CSS, fonts, colors, etc.

Within each directory, you address all shots and links utilizing relative paths
instead of absolute paths.

Case in point:

< img src=" http: //www. nairman. com/example1/images/car. jpg" >

< img src=" images/car. jpg" >

Now each directory can offer it’s own subdirectory known as " images" where
the images are stored and also the same code will work on all directories because
you won’t need to specify the total URL.

If you’re really baffled by means of this, PM me together with your FTP stuff and I’ll make
a genuine example for you right within your webspace files.

Hi Aeroweb99 I attended your site Random world Water Hot Bargains. I like the item. I wish I could design a site like this. Anyway I saw a link saying I could upgrade my Online Explorer so MY SPOUSE AND I clicked on that and downloaded Internet Explorer 7.
Now when i want to install My business is told to disable antivirus and also antispyware. I don’t know about spyware but I have Avast antivirus. How do you disable it temporarily to ensure that I can installation IE7
Incidentally could you look at my site and also give me your expert opinion
Tell me what I need to do or learn to ensure that I can often be like you. I am a NOOB and My business is just beginning to learn web design. Coursesmart is http: //www. multimeshentertainment. com

Thanks for any props for Scorching Deals. The site is not flashy but MY PARTNER AND I built it for total ease of use and performance and I think that is the reason for it’s success. Just remeber which when your building a niche site, user friendly primary.

So far as the IE set up, you probably do have to disable your antivirus for the short term, but I’m not acquainted with Avast. Someone else may need to fill you throughout.

I don’t have time to obtain your site at the moment, my wife is within the hospital preparation to have the baby! (Somehow I nonetheless managed time to visit WDF! )

Gotta choose, and it’s going becoming a girl! Talk to yall from a day or a couple!

Congrats gentleman. I am informed that baby girls bring plenty of luck.


We have 3 girls (and A SINGLE wife)…
The only thing it brings will be the need for graphite bearings for the toilet paper move

I consider, you should meet we, show all the desegns and now have a good time frame.

Thank you completely. Just email me mid-air ticket and I may take my laptop computer with me to the airport, grab another flight and proceed show her the particular designs.
While I am at the airport waiting would you please explain in my opinion how I may make and upload any sub domain
I want and therefore give my client the power to use the following URLs
world wide web. nairaman. com
world wide web. subdomain. nairaman. com
world wide web. anothersubdomain. subdomain. com.

And incidentally I would love to say I have followed your advice and I have used the arrangement www. nairaman. com/example1,
world wide web. nairaman. com/example2 for example. Thanx


To the one, you should get in touch with your webhost and have them how they
(or in the event they) support subdomains. I believe it varies by host to coordinator.

Hey In my family I am the one wife’s comments, and I possess three girls. Although I do have got to agree, I buy a 12 pack associated with " Double Roll" Charmin every week! But even now… Hey!

Howdy Jyuill
I went internet and I must say a few of your designs are very nice.

In particular I like index_ridgecrest. html page, meeting. html, tumble. html, greypink. html page and blueorchid. html page.

I just looked at that thumbnails. I intend to visit the sites after.

Now what do I have to do so that you could teach me to style websites like these

Incidentally (I really look down upon at gossip) but " mlseim" says he has three girls and 1 wife. You say you might have three girls and you also are the girl. Well well good!!! would I be right to conclude that we’ve found a couple design team for this forum

I just saw the Ridgecrest site. I really much like the color scheme. I believe I will utilize the same color for my next site. How did you obtain the rounded sides

That very well My webhost will support subdomains. They like eating up competition.

Maybe I’ll discipline myself and also summon up the courage and the patience to visit and learn exactly about my Cpanel.

Usually I find i always understand things more each time a " live" person explains circumstances to me. Just like when you told me in regards to the /example1, /example2 stuff


Not a chance, not that better half…. I just intended… well I guess I should have clarified better, but I just meant my family also has three girls, but I am the wife around my family… so be nice within the toilet paper comments (not which i took any wrongdoing, since it’s true)! Sorry for any confusion!

Curved corners…. how to explain logically Fundamentally, you create an image in Illustrator or other graphics program and utilize the " rounded rectangle" instrument. You have for making the image seeing that large as that element will ever be on the internet page, which can be tricky, and creates a larger file size than might be necessary. If you use Firefox web builder toolbar, just view the CSS for any Ridgecrest page, and also the. box styles tend to be how it’s executed. I copied that from CSS Mastery and adjusted it for my needs, nevertheless , you can probably discover the same thing online if you search for " accommodating rounded corner boxes". They aren’t much good whenever they aren’t flexible because content will adjust and users may perhaps increase text size. Of course, unless you care about cross-browser help, you can employ CSS3 rounded corners where you do not need images, but it will not work in IE and your CSS won’t verify. Remember, Google can be your friend! If you ever see anything you are curious about, chances are you can find out how to do it in the event you search!

Many thanks. How can I get the Firefox web construtor toolbar

https: //addons. mozilla. org/en-US/firefox/addon/60
so long as you use Firefox visitor.

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