How can I Integrate a Social Networking Component on my Website?

I need to create a almost social network element for my website www. filmforfree. org. Something similar to ning or zynga. What do I need Will be best software or platform because of this sort of undertaking

before trying to integrate social marketing, id fix your internet site.

not trying to be harsh, but looking at ur site ive currently ran into numerous issues

  • your header is poor, if thats the effect you used to be trying to accomplish then thats okay, it just seems to be odd to me
  • splash window screens are barely used anymore, they merely serve to upset, if i was wasnt trying that will help you with the online community component, i wouldve eventually left before i clicked enter
  • your url mouseovers are harmful, they make this text illegible
  • your comments links with a blue blog, from your black site. the themes are totally different and youve missing any effect you’d with the darker theme i idea the dark style represented struggle, however i get your bright blue in your blog comments
  • if when i click " the particular team", your menu screws in place and i cant click almost every other links (most users would just type the latest address in his or her address bar)

if you would like to hire to mend these issues feel free to contact me

hi, may I suggest a total reformat of your site I think it is best to ditch your current layout and start using a CMS for instance Joomla where you may have more design consistency and content possibilities from the Joomla group.
I believe in case you search Joomla’s off shoot directory (aka JED) you’ll discover many social networking components to your site along using suitable forum adventures and what definitely not.
The Joomla theme/template choices will certainly assist you in that area furthermore.

flame is right. i dont are aware that cms is what we would suggest as it appears to be cms caused the complications at hand. you you could however examine php & mysql for dummies the book to obtain a great head start taking developing your own forum when you are this deticated. if not you could use a cms to perform the entire site but staying with one cms would reduce lack of consistancy.

You do not need a splash page either… it acts no purpose.
Your " cause" is very much valiant, but black It clarifies that it’s look scary.

mlsiem im not contradicting you nevertheless its a scary topic and also a very dark part of humanity has made possible that to happen.

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