How can I keep my URL static??

POST finished my site and I think it looks great but the first thing that kinda bugs me is a url changing once you click from page to page.

I’d like to see it to stay a similar like this people:

internet. tokyphotography. com

Your dog uses frames in addition to html only far too but his web address address never alterations.

Possibly there is magic code available he used to perform this

Here’s my finished site in case you are curious.

internet. mandrakestudios. com

Thanks in advance web gurus.: -D: -D: -D: -D

You need to use frames, but you would like the URL to change. How different can Google present reliable links, how could people send out links to some others, how will men and women without frames or on cellular devices view your website…

Assuming I didn’t love any of in which, how would going about doing that

You are capable of doing it with casings, just call different pages on the main frame.

On the web do that

Your index might be just have another window inside of it all the time. You’ll make your own other pages such as you normally would likely. However, all your pages might be embedded.

To do this, first you have got to set the parameters of the method that you want your frames displayed by carrying out a frameset. Then you present your frames by doing a frame src, much like how you may display an photograph. Off hand, you can see a frames website here, www. firstrealtorsonline. com. I could assure you frames will not be nearly as fashionable as you might think, considering those are the people having me redo it for the reason that no longer wish frames.

A walkthrough on frames are available here though. It’s pretty uncomplicated to implement in case you choose to. http: //www. htmlcodetutorial. com/frames/frames_famsupp_5. html.

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