How deep into IE do you go?

We have noticed my javascript large site doesn’t insert on IE7 and is loads of FUBAR on IE6. Does anyone actually design for these anymore if I do must fix this… any kind of advise

WE don’t anymore, no. As much as I had been okay with IE6 once, it’s had its run and today it’s done.

http: //www. ie6countdown. com/

Programs to know is right there.

Great. Thanks

I’m keen on to keep this site looking generally right on IE7 and up. I say IE7 merely because I haven’t yet come across a page bursting on 7 which didn’t also crack in 8, which is still utilized just enough in the form of pain in the ass. I would, just today, have a design break around 9 that seemed fine in 6-8… unique.

My suggestions in order to clients on wether to compliment a design to get IE6, 7, EIGHT etc.

Check out your log files to view how your visitors are accessing your site, if you have got 1000 visitors per day and 10% of which are using IE6( or even whichever version ), are you ready to turn away 100 visitors Your log files may help you make that choice.

I’ve clients that continue to get > 30% traffic on IE SEVERAL and 10% in IE 6, but I likewise have clients that have > 90% of the traffic from chrome, FF and Safari, so they resolved to not create desgin support regarding IE 6 the priority.

This is an interesting theme I simply can’t avoid. Some designer, very good and well mentioned designers completely underestimate any and each version of IE, because they have a strong following and they can (for their personal sites anyway). On the other hand, they don’t have that same attitude towards work with their clients. At the present, I only go as long as IE7.

I’m a huge IE hater. I steer everyone of my clients from it. I detest it… a good deal. I do *not* endeavor to get cross browser functionality for it at all. Using the exception of just one hearing aid store in Hawaii who is hooked on it I never test it. I detest it… I truly do.

Wether you individually or your consumers like or hate IE has nothing to do with it.

What you might be in a feel doing, is limiting the visitors on the site. If coursesmart is not at the very least designed to demonstrate a text version belonging to the site, to any one visiting with IE ( btw… Over 50% an average of of all Internet browsing is conducted in an IE internet browser ).

Just wondering in case you look at your current log files, to see how many have missed opportunities your people have had

Several of the best clients came if you ask me because their past designer had told them they didn’t be concerned about the very little traffic they obtain from IE. Except if the business owners mummy, sister, cousins or anything else… Ask them what’s up with their web-site… That it isn’t going to look right, or they can’t see anything whatsoever when they check out thes site.

I design using the " clean" visitor approach… Test with what happens a computer innovative, and don’t need the visitor to put in anything.

This reminds me on the situation involving 3 comedians; one claimed additional used to much profanity and also the third asked your accused " do people laugh after you tell your jokes" Your dog agreed. Do you obtain paid He decided. He then told him to share with the accuser for you to shut the F up and still have a coke in addition to smile.

This situation having IE is more closely complicated. We are living in the Western earth, where it is actually advised to compliment other people’s lack of knowledge. All I can say is, in case you are doing well and still have never given IE a new thought, keep doing what works in your case.

I never, I educate.

a limited story on IE6

A major airline flying from your area, was paying a design firm to upgrade the booking section in their site… Airlines usually save a lot of dollars a year by having online booking selections.

This functionality worked as planned, but they didn’t test for IE6 as IE7 it had been available for about The regular few months. The day following on from the upgrade, the call centres stated getting flooded with calls about people not being able to connect to the particular booking section.

It took a few days to track down the issue for the reason that developers were many testing and using IE7 to try and re-create the concerns, but couldn’t notice any problems. Really like determined it seemed to be a browser challenge, they told the letter centers to convey to customers complaining within the site to update their browsers. They even had a pop up window on the site informing users that they had to up grade to IE7 for you to book flights.

For making a really much time story short… the item took 9 2 or 3 weeks, an extra 250 lines of CSS code and two or three extra divs on their core code to create the site IE6 compliant.

One more I heard, the airline estimates they lost upwards of 8 million inside sales because this particular design firm DIDN’T account for IE6 end users, The design firm is no more in business. And we have a lawsuit against the many principles of the look company for carelessness.

I don’t even think these guys are successful by ignoring IE6.

Your story illustrates a fantastic point, and I trust you on checking the logs, but that story happened The regular few months after IE7 became available. We’re now COUPLE OF versions past that with another on how. IE6 usage provides dwindled to under 2% in your U. S.

Convinced, check your logs to see if its of great benefit, but I mistrust if most sites will break the bank if the artist ignores IE6.

I agree regarding IE6 – nevertheless I do design and style for IE 7 or longer.

You always have to understand that while your purchaser may own coursesmart they paid intended for, it is their own clients and visitors coursesmart is being created for.

Properly, the answer is definitely simple, if clients require old browser help support then I require old browsers inside consideration, and you have to realise that actually Inter Explorer IN SEARCH OF is not just like firefox was 4 years ago. So the best thing is usually to think do you truly wanna use too much effort for a browser that a majority of people don’t actually use…. you can also have if tags as part of your html, that if someone incorporates a older browser, simply just ask them in order to upgrade…. I invest extra time merely making something operate perfectly in IE.

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