"how did you hear about us" drop down menu

We now have set up google analytics to discover converstions, but it’s hard to tell whether folks going through checkout identified us on ebay, as well as from our PAID ADVERTISING campaigns on yahoo and google.

Is there the right way to set up a drop-down box in checkout for your customer to convey to how they perceive about us The options would be: Yahoo Search, Google Research, MSN Search, Ebay Lookup, friend, Magazine advertisement, etc.

I would have to have the output to attend an excel or even text file with our webserver, so I can retreive it monthly and show off at results. The output will have to be sent once they select it, but not need a button to be clicked…. they will need to be clicking that " continue checkout" control key on that internet page.

online world. simpsoncycles. com

Dont get it done on change, given that theyre clicking the particular checkout button, just process
the form in the checkout handling code.

< mode action=" checkouthandlingcode. php" method=" post" >
< find name=" heardFrom" >
< solution value=" -1" > Please today i want to know how you found out about us: < /option>
< option> Google< /option>
< option> Yahoo< /option>
< /select>

< /form>

if($_POST" heardFrom"! =-1)
//open text file and append this $_POST" heardFrom" variable

this seems like the best way to do this.

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