How difficult for a Novice?

I want to set up a website when users (after passing entry test & been giving access, if possible using a distinctive " password" ) can certainly submit articles/posts to my website.
The condition is I have zero web design expertise, or site management experience for that matter. Although im sure could acquire basics with support.
My question is what type of design suits this specific project, and the amount of time/cost would a new developer charge/take for your product like this
many thanks

You are capable of doing this sort associated with thing fairly quickly in WordPress, with all the BuddyPress plugin or maybe something similar. The way I might set it up will be to have it build as a normal site, with a blog integrated the location where the members can posting.

It really is difficult to say the amount of time/cost would be involved without learning the target current market, (100 members or 10, 000, for example) and how many other pages you’d want on the webpage (Home, About, Speak to, for sure, nonetheless what else). You’d also probably want a monitoring beyond your registration and password developed so you you should not get spam, obscenity, for example.

WordPress helps you set-up users to post with a particular category.
Your webhost may already have a control -panel " wizard" to set up WordPress for people automatically.
That themes, customizing, for example. is up back.

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