How do I apply a template to an existing page that has content

We were handed over a web site project and I want to change the banner plus the vertical nav standard. The middle content is fine.
I created my template in dreamweaver then when I add it, it adds that template but every one of the exiting content is actually gone. I look inside the code, and the particular content still is available.
When will i have the web template frame the content
Its almost such as the template is covering the content

ps im repeating this project in dreamweaver cs3.

thanks a great deal!!

We (I chat for myself), use PHP in adding content to a PHP script that
dynamically renders the pages… using XHTML/CSS as a template.
All pages develop same header, footer, CSS… along with PHP dynamically includes
different files or maybe database queries for that content.

Unsure what your site is, but maybe doing it with WordPress could solve
your entire needs… except shipping and delivery be using dreamweaver.

This kind of doesn’t answer your own question, but might provide you with an idea associated with how most
with the dynamic websites run.

hmm.. i’m not familar together with php. is generally there another way
currently i merely go to dreamweaver–> modify–> apply template.
puts the template within, but the other info is just not shown

thanks again

I’m sorry… I don’t know Dreamweaver.
Maybe somebody else has an resolution

your existing content need to be in a structure already. give the editable region any name. in your new template develop a new editable region identical name. then apply the new template to the present page.

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