How do I create a Guestbook in Dreamweaver MX

Every ideas what I really could do for this…. I currently make use of Bravenet as WE haven’t got some sort of clue really….

In my dreamweaver book it says concerning adding scripts which you need to get from your web host company…

Gives thanks in advance


u want help adding ur rule Galaxyblue if u post ur signal on here and the page u are interested on i’ll put it for ya

Sorry, forgive me Kirman, but I’m uncertain what you signify by code < Inserts novice developer smilie>

A guestbook would need to be written inside a language other as compared with HTML. Dreamweaver will shade code php for yourself, but you have to enter it yourself (and know it).

Consult your hosts concerning what Server Aspect languages they assistance. Then check out and about www. hotscripts. com. They have alot of prewritten scripts that you could use.

most guestbooks job by connecting to database stored on a web server.
When you view the guestbook this server opens the particular database, grabs all records and sends back a HTML site which displays all those meals neatly.
Similarily, when you sign the guestbook, you have a HTML type and an SQL wonder to insert the information.
Any server side language in conjunction with SQL could be accustomed to write a guestbook.

Actually, you don’t perhaps need SQL. Thats a little misconception made by PHP people. Because guestbooks aren’t superpopular subject material, a simple ripped textfile database will perform the job just as good.

true. thats the reason i said ‘most’ guestbooks.

hey people absolutely , all my pal Galaxyblue wanted was to learn how to insert the bravenet computer code into his web page.. That is html…

He’s a novice don’t confuse the pup with php he will be like lol i became at first nevertheless lol

Galaxyblue on the internet to do can be Private Message my family (PM short term) your own source code in your webpage you can do this easily through..

About to Bravenet. com > Sign in > Click the actual guestbook link under the your free of charge services heading >
Then on this subject page about 50 percent way down there’s a piece called utilites… push the copy/paste rule link
> On this subject page you’ll find your html this basically evens off the link for your guestbook / presently there site easier yourself

Click copy plus paste button after which come on the following past it right message and then ok , i’ll do the majority for ya

Hi all, thanks for your replies.

My business is a female lol Kirman….

Anyhow, I did actually keep asking how to insert a proper guestbook into my page… I curently have Bravenet on right now there but I at ease with the format.

My business is confused by the following Msql or whatever it truly is… however I are very lucky indeedy to be going on your dreamweaver course next wednesday which will definately be one of many things I will be asking the guitar tutor.

sowwy lol

well Mysql may be a database for putting and using data on the internet it’s very beneficial and it’s probably an even more advanced thing to get webdesign. If your training does this however it is best to learn it and php with it..

with the minute it will seem a increasing number of < #$%! " ()’> < and so on.. lol but you will soon get to grips by using it. I got average joe a book on php/mysql a little while bak and this really is good but i read as being a chapter (intro it was) then i realised i required to bring my additional skills to nothing first..

So rite these days im learning by myself CSS and i alrdy possess a good knowlege in how html in addition to javascript work once css has gone out the way i carry on to dhtml and there after and only then can i start php and mysql….

which means you actually want the actual source code Perhaps you have any idea which languages your device supports

Find, as specified on top of, what technologies ones servers support after which you can pop along in order to somewhere like http: //www. hotscripts. com and appear for suitable guestbook scripts — you will discover hundreds out right now there, normally programmed in perl (cgi), php or even asp.

Really don’t become too dependent on Dreamweaver. While I posted with another thread, it is a good idea to learn how considerations hold together outdoor the tools — it is going to stand you within good stead when things not work out. Don’t expect every single child write websites in the WYWSIWYG manner (like, as an example, you would produce a Microsoft publisher document, or word) — bear in mind different visitors will present different browsers, on different platforms what you see *may* be what *you* obtain, but don’t think it’s what *they* have.

Attempt to download a number of alternative browsers as well… http: //www. mozilla. org is a good one, as is actually Opera (http: //www. opera. com)… there are sites that will provide you with your site deemed through other windows… some charge for the comprehensive service, but from storage there is one or more that will complete a basic check out free.


Just checked available the hosting provider that you is very much with….

http: //www. your-site. com/host-one. html

You appear to must pay extra for MySQL, however it will run perl along with CGI as standard…

Information CGI guestbook that won’t require a data source…
http: //www. cougasoft. org/guestbook/index. html



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