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I’m not positive where do you start on implementing a thing on my web page. I am a new s/w developer and may write pretty much anything in C++ as well as VB. NET. I have written some Perl and also hated it.

Here is what I might like to do:

I need an easy method for visitors to sign up for a class about various days in addition to times. Something like a Tuesday morning elegance, Tuesday afternoon class, Thursday morning, and also Thursday afternoon. Additionally, I need to keep track of may be students per training. And lastly, I need to send this selection to somewhat of a paypal address so we could charge for the particular class. I have code because of this last part, but it likely will have to be redone, or embedded within the code for the very first two parts.

Just how do i implement something similar to this I don’t know where first. I know SQL, so I don’t mind with a DB. I don’t learn how to use a DB from just a site though…

My business is currently searching for training videos, text, etc. About to w3cschools to understand shortly…

WHEN I appreciate any handy input. Host is actually HostMonster.

Gives thanks, Dave

It would PHP and MySQL, because PHP works consequently nice with MySQL and
webhosts already provide them totally free with your levels.

Are there a webhost accounts, or is this over a school’s server, or your own personal server

There would have been a few parts to be able to it.
1) the particular admin section.
This is how the admin (you) would likely administer the people, database, etc.

2) a new sign-up form.
It is a form that the students A) signup B) sign-up pertaining to classes

3) the particular paypal part
This is how they pay for the classes.

It may sound silly initially, but I wonder if you used an active shopping cart script
allowing students to " shop for classes". This by now has everything hard-wired that
you’ll need. You would only have to customize the particular templates and " atmosphere", hence it
doesn’t look a whole lot like an website. I’m thinking regarding Magento, CubeCart, or something
prefer that. They PayPal gateway can be already programmed.

Thanks with the reply.

I have an account as well as site up in HostMonster.

With the admin, I am thinking this could be like a invisible page Something not visible on the webpage, but written inside HTML and interfaced into the DB using PHP Or perhaps would this be done another way

Indeed, I was thinking about a shopping cart in the process, but I have zero experience with this either. It seems I will have to upgrade my site in the process, getting a role-specific IP, then I really believe an SSL certification.

Hence, I thought maybe if i keep it basic then, I could possibly just code this myself.

Thought about appreciate the feedback!


To discover what the initial direction I was going, take a hunt here:
RES — Continued Education

Whenever they go to PayPal for you to enter their credit card info, you will not need a protected site.

I’d personally do it much more simple… now i always see your site.
I became thinking you had an entire elaborate sign-up factor.

Begin PayPal and make 4 buttons, one per class.
Display those four buttons against your page.


If you wanted something much more elaborate, where they will enter their title, address, etc.
you could still use individuals four PayPal links, but before these are displayed, there would
be a questionnaire to fill away. Again, it would not should be secure if the knowledge was
certainly not too personal. Identify, address, phone, stuff prefer that is OK over a non-secure page.

Sometimes further… to show how many class openings… that would require more
scripting still, but it may be done.

I’m just undecided how much you are likely to put into this kind of.

Thanks with the input. I have to complete what ever it takes to finish this. Like I claimed, I am a new developer, this is definitely a different ecosystem from what I’ve truly worked in.

I do wish to track names and preferably in the database. I could undertake it manually for a period being while I workout the code. Hence, I guess My business is looking for a brief term solution plus a long term a single.

Hence, back to the idea. Keeping track in the class openings.. Is my exclusively option a DB or where you pondering a file on the site

Here’s the other idea. I could blow this out throughout VB. NET in an hour or two, but as a new windows form software. So, I am wondering only could somehow make use of my experience within VS to implement something. Would which be ASP. NET of course , if so, is that something to avoid

For a second time, appreciate your source.


Grasping PHP now.

I do think I have an idea…

top quality page. Opens a url to a DB desk and reads: class dates and also times scheduled in conjunction with seats filled and total seats.

When seats filled can be < totals seats for your class, I add this class info with a list.

Then let user decide upon the list the particular class desired.

User then presses Have the funds for Class or a thing, which then goes by the class info towards payment page. Below, I will bring up to date the DB with the adjusted class info that is certainly passed in through PHP variable. I may let user established student info below or top web page. When done on this subject payment page, exchange this info for you to paypal payment site.

Need admin page for adding classes, setting up total seat rely, etc

Today, need to have a look at php to SQL.


You’d probably be searching intended for: MySQL and PHP tutorials

You retain saying DB… is always that a generic time period you’re using… does one mean MySQL

Yes generic term, DB = databases

I found the best PHP tutorial website and still have been adding a few PHP.

Basic stuff, but now reading through about mySQL and how to use it..

PHP is simple enough.. and appears to be pretty nice.

Gives thanks!

thanks with the suggestions know it has the bit easy for me to this thanks just as before!!!!

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