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Im having a site which will certainly display job entries. Its going as a nationwide (UK) internet site hosting jobs from everywhere in the country. All the careers and user data are going to be stored in your database so they’ll be searchable.

My problem is that my client prefers the users every single child search for jobs in certain locations and then within a certain distance of this location. How would I go about setting this up would I need to enter all the british isles cities and postcodes as well as setup some relationship between all those meals so it could discover which ones were being relevant

That seems like many work to me and Im sure there needs to be an easier solution to do it. Does anyone find out any plugins or scripts I can use to produce this task easier


In us states, we use Zip Requirements.
There exists a free online database that includes a listing of Zip Codes, along with
the GPS coordinates with the locations, cities, and many others. Using some instructional math (geometry)
that’s easily found employing Google, the closest location is found, and even
your Google Maps displayed.

If you find an online database prefer that for Europe/Great The british isles, you could
develop same thing. There need to be something like which.

That’s where one can discover the US Zipcode database(s):
http: //www. yahoo. com/searchhl=en& q=us zipcode collection free& btnG=Search& aq=f& oq=& aqi=g-sx1

You could possibly try a look for like this
http: //www. yahoo. com/searchhl=en& q=great great britain postcode database free& btnG=Search& aq=f& oq=& aqi=

It’s also possible which you may have to pay for access to another woman’s database

Thanks for that info,

After quite a lot of searching I’ve determined a UK DB associated with postcodes that I should be able to use, it has particulars than I need to need but I have a number of concerns about the item:

JUST ONE. Its massive, related to 1. 5 thousand lines, is this going to cause me problems I have already had to help split it to view it within excel.

TWO. Im not exactly sure that the data is correct as Relating to found the postcode My business is at and after that run a GPS be certain that my phone and yes it comes up by using different coordinates. The coordinates that the DB gives me personally are: -1. 509954 53. 37434

nevertheless my phone is actually telling me Im at: 1. 303042 53. 222964

should i be concerned regarding this

Now I want to find out how to utilize the data, is the theory that I obtain user to feedback their postcode, then I receive the coordinates from the database with the postcode. Then I determine what say 10 miles is due to latitude and longitude which often should then give me a selection of latitude and longitude to cooperate with, then I can get a directory of all postcodes inside of that range and then cross reference in which with my DB of jobs to show all jobs in that area

Capability to deliver who stumbles with this post through a search engine and wants the postcode DB I found then info about it is these:


Thanks again

Having just checked out those coordinates within google maps Truly realised there a bad way round for a start. Both sets connected with coordinates had me sat down the middle of the indian ocean. Now I’ve flipped them surrounding the ones from the DB look correct and the one from the phone is saying Im in the North Sea so must be wrong.

1st, if you head to Google Maps in addition to enter this in the search box (copy plus paste it)…
53. 37434, -1. 509954

Would it be showing the right location for you

This is the Google place page:
http: //maps. yahoo. com/mapshl=en& tab=wl

I’m guessing because that’s from the list, it’s showing the particular center
with the postcode area… the complete center of this postcode


I would think you have to have that large database installed towards
your MySQL database… not sure if you do that or maybe not (or how large it will eventually be).
To search it as being a text file would take a bunch of processing time.

With this kind of large file, and not sure how you can install that data source,
I wonder the amount a company in this way charges to utilize their database plus API
http: //www. allies-computing. co. uk/index. html

Find if it’s worth employing a service like that on your site.

Essentially, you give these people a target postcode as well as the user’s postcode and
they return whatever information you need. Closest, within a new radius, etc.

They feature a free test… it might be worth checking in to.


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