How do I store / retrieve information on my web server?

I need a webpage in which, whenever a user clicks on a certain link, it will add 1 for some integer value stored server side. In that case, I can use the state of this number to change content from many people not just those who clicked the actual link.

I’m uncertain how else in order to explain it. In essence, I need a better way for my how does someone remember things… cookies would work if i wanted the targeted visitor to remember some thing, but in this instance I need the server in order to remember something.

Just about any idea how

Employ PHP.

Pick anything about PHP
Is it possible to either use this extension. php (instead regarding. html) or
learn how to use. htaccess for you to process all. html document files as PHP

Then a ton of other questions, including:
Can those click it a variety of times, or will it just allow 1 push per ID address
Or 1 click each session
Simply 1 value, or are you remembering many values
Can the page refresh following a link is clicked, or does it need to use some Javascripting

Give us some background against your knowledge.

I will use PHP on my webserver and also I’ve already made slightly php script this randomly selects a different image to exhibit on my front page each time the page is usually loaded.

If I wanted in making it so whenever someone loaded upward my index. html file it might add an integer price of 10 for some variable saved using file on my own web server.

What if I made some form of flash game Is there a method to save scores in my website as some kind of top ten checklist

You could save it from a flat file (e. g. a text file), or from a database, e. g. mySQL.

how would I take action with mySQL

MySQL is really the way to go, but some thought would need to go into this…
that you can do all of your data collection for end users, scores, profiles, and so on.

Produce a MySQL database (on a person’s server),
after which use Google to look for some easy MySQL tutorials to get you going.

It is too involved and time intensive to do about this forum.
There’s a lot of variations, and decisions you need to make.
As soon as you see what MySQL can perform, you’ll be introducing more stuff to it on a regular basis.

You’ll take to learn by simply doing.

I did what you said and from now on have mySQL made possible on my device.

Does anyone know of your good beginner short training for mySQL or the best book to obtain

Look on some used ebooks…

http: //www. amazon. com/s/ref=nb_ss_g… & field-keywords=welling and also thomson& x=17& y=22

Welling and Thomson have good quality tutorial books.

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