How do you do these interactive slides? (link)

http: //www. bulova. com/
What program must be used to create these neat interactive slides such as site above
Thanks all… again!

Seems like a simple JavaScript. You’ll find the source while in the code of coursesmart.

Just copy and paste Could it be that simple, or can there be more to the idea

Yes the good news is lot more to be able to it. If you want t make something like that yourself. It is best to don’t. Is not that hard to attain but you need to have a strong Javascript skill.

There are several cool pre-written JS on line, that helps you decide to do something pretty same. Google it, " Javascript photograph slideshow". But subsequently, it still isn’t an effective copy/paste.

If you really want to dig heavy into it and discover ways to make something like this yourself. I suggest a person try the Yahoo Graphical user interface library. It makes it possible make Js influences like sliding, driving, fading and running your layout. However, that’s a lot more advance.

As a final point, do use Expensive. It’s not that hard to find out.

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