How Does DMOZ Work? Cant Submit URL

How must DMOZ Work Cant Send URL

I’ve been racking your brains on how in order to submit my blog to be able to nevertheless cant find a way to figure out how to do the idea.

I abide by the outlines tips on how to submit towards the " T" but it has the seems to travel in circles and no actual submission usually takes place.



Go to the category that is certainly relevant towards your site.

Click the submit/suggest linky.Add info.Done.

Now if that doesn’t works after that maybe they’ve got closed it using their side.

It is as common as Chip described but truly do know one matter that, a niche site may get accepted after could be 100 decades

There are countless submission in addition to chances of having your internet site listed is definitely almost absolutely nothing.

In fact it’s very difficult to know how DMOZ works and when to tell the truth I cane easily see no reason to start this.Just send your link to DMOZ selecting the most suitable categories for just a website as well as wait until it’s approved by editors.

Formerly Posted by way of manish07 I believe neck just check out relevant group because its too critical.Typos often kill me

Formerly Posted by simply manish07 I believe neck just check out relevant kind because their too important.Of course, I include forgotten to talk about you which when selecting the best category you possibly can really raise website authorization by DMOZ publishers.Thanks manish07, really useful assistance!

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