How does it work with Digg and Delicious?

What makes it seek advise from Digg along with Delicious

I’m incorporating bookmarks plus links at both Stumbleupon and Delicious and have this issue:can you add a few pages of this website using the same search phrases Or just about every page ought to have different keywords accordingly on the page content


Each page needs to have keywords in line with its subject matter.Keywords have to describe the sort of content that particular will see on that will page.I do think we can easily submit numerous pages to internet websites and could possibly be if lots of pages are usually submitted, in that case some trouble can occur.One more thing, if you are doing this to have backlinks, then to consider that Reddit has started to work with nofollow tag this means you won’t acquire any cheap backlink from Digg anymore

how countless keyword put it to use in one book paying attention to site

If you happen to be digging the pages regarding backlinks function then the not seeing work when digg provides changed the many links to ‘no-follow’.The link which some people trust for being true will probably be given your do-follow more relating to this on digg official blog.Digg your Blog Site Archive Recent Changes for you to NOFOLLOW at External Links

You will use lots pertaining to keyword inside digg, but promote your website blog within digg this give benefit for ones website plus increase traffic in your website.

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