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Howdy everyone,

New poster which has a question. I’m on my way out the door, so forgive us if this continues to be answered elsewhere, and kindly point me in the right direction:

I just took on your freelance contract, but I’m pretty new towards business aspect with it, tracking working hours, etc… I have a few mockups I’m going to propose later right now, and I want to know what to quotation my client when it comes to hours. How long does a normal website take to construct We’re talking 5-7 major pages, with one or two sub-pages in some categories. CSS heavy, and the mockups range from almost zero illustrator work to substantial amounts. Can a person guys give my family the ballpark prices you use

Many thanks!

Such the vague question. Depends upon your abilities and just what exactly the client demands. I spend about One hour making up a nice, detailed quote, so answering your question depends upon many variables. Here’s a shorter post about similar topic.

Thanks for any reply, I know it had been vague. Got what I want, though. I furthermore found a fairly cool quote calculator:

http: //www. designquote. net/html/dq_estimate_wizard. cfm

it seems to provide a excellent ballpark figure.

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