How much is a site worth?

Simply finished a project for any client and WHEN I reckon I undercharged, less than sure what the particular rates are. POST used php to implement.

the business provides property services and there is already a site. I had to set up place a factory that allowed clients to:

  • sign up for any mailing list
  • request a good apointment
  • view propertys for sale and let(picture and also pdf download for much more information)

It also had to allow the provider to log in and also:

  • add, edit and remove duplicate content the details for any propertys including uploading the images and also pdf files.
  • Control the users in the company that experienced access.

So what on earth you think

Rates are influenced by what your market demands. There tend to be no standard rates.
You should shop all the other designers in a person’s area, look at what your time is worth, just what your skills are generally, what services you can offer…… then selling price yourself.
Every market differs (I am within the Seattle market) and I understand for a news that rates in Kansas City fluctuate than what I will command in this particular market.
A very important thing you can carry out is contact the many designers locally with what you only described and find their rates…….. then you definately can price yourself accordingly.
Also, with the information you provided, there isn’t what you would charge or what your website looks like……. so despite having that info, there is no way to know if you undercharged someone.
All the best……

Given simply no scale, timeline, nor quality of work I will say it might be worth anywhere via $200 to $500, 000.

ANY hot sandwhich, any cup of their tea, and half any college semester’s tuition.

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