How to add local Search feature?

How do you add search nearby search feature for you to small 5-10 websites long site to search trough local site without using google or any other external searches

Searches tend to be associated with sources… where a database is used
to store the actual content displayed on your page(s). It sounds like you have a
site where everyone manually create you possess static HTML pages

Describe even more about it, and give us a chek out your site.

Yes i just have my SEVERAL pages site, i always haven’t put about the network nevertheless. Is there some application to set-up database from my own manually build html document pages so we can use it regarding search

really not…

Put your site online and maybe you can easlily see what anyone mean.
What would be on 4 pages that might require a look for

For a 4 page site surely the simplest way would be a strong index linked along with ‘destination anchors’ or perhaps ‘target’. You would most likely use a research if all websites were big along with text intensive. Even still, the above would probably be the simplest way for only 5 pages, both coming from a construction and individual viewpoint.

By far the simplest way to add search along with other extended functionality is simply using a content management system which is simply a repository. The great idea about a CMS is that it is 100 % customizable and extensible. You can add extensions just like search, login varieties, contact forms, and literally a large number of others to add functionality to your site. If your web blog is small, CMS would be a perfect solution that anyone can use to grow since you want or should add content. Check out some of the other posts relating to content management devices like Joomla.

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