How to add these images aligned to text?

The following is a mockup of what I would like to achieve:

The navigation now has the arrows on the left of the text, without the particular dividing line involving rows. I’d like the arrows being in the exact (far right) situation on each row – can there be a CSS method to achieve this This navigation piece is written in ASP. NET.

I need to see the web page (how it truly is now)… give us a link to it.

you possibly can always use an arrangement width for the element and a strong < li> class with a great arrow backround image aligned for the right then set each and possess a dotted edge under it

spokanewebguy is usually right.

This is how you’d handle it.

ul#whatever-you-called-that-menu li
track record: URL(your-arrow-file-here. gif) center right no-repeat;
coloration: inherit; /* possibly not necessary, but it preserves you from finding a warning when an individual validate your CSS */

Alternatively, you could potentially just include the arrows and your link text together long graphic and use Javascript and/or CSS for just about any mouseovers.

You have got different ways to play with this. It just is determined by what you ultimately desire to achieve.

your: hover background: url(path/to/arrow. img) remaining no-repeat;

i start using a similar effect in my site.

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