How to "Auto-Refresh" photos on my homepage

At the moment, my homepage has one static photography. However, I would choose to add 3 or 4 other shots that automatically rekindle as visitors visit my site. Any suggestions how to do it
http: //www. westpoint. edu/band/test/index. htm
Any suggestions can be greatly appreciated!

even i need solution for exact. if any you have answers

Utilizing PHP.

But you will change your filename in order to " index. php" (or employ. htaccess to progression
your. htm file while PHP). If you no longer want to make use of PHP, you can use Javascripting.

A different decision…
It changes per visitor randomly, or in sequence
This changes by hour, day, week
Each visitor sees identical photo, or should that not make a difference (user cookie)

Thanks for the response! Frankly, I don’t mind if the sequence is different for each visitor, however, I desire it to refresh every 4-5 minutes.
As soon as I change the filename to catalog. php, do I merely add the extra photos in the code In that case, is there a method to dictate the how long before the up coming photo refreshes
http: //www. westpoint. edu/band/test/index. htm

I recommend buy Flash for doing what you need.

PHP would need a page refresh, that you probably don’t need.
You could use Javascripting instead associated with Flash, but Pen would look nicer.

Factors nice Javascript with good transitions somewhere between photos:
http: //www. scriptocean. com/slideshow/

Thanks! I will download your recommendation. I assume I will retain the. htm extension, correct

Together with Javascript, you can easily keep it. htm


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It looks like you did take the first thing… you have a website.

What does one mean by " wide open it"

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