how to create a heirarchy for website of over 200 pages

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First of all, I am BRAND NEW to website making ( and through 50 yrs old! ) I want to build a site about the USA capital places… i want to part ways them by locations… new england states, mountain states, southern states, and the actual midwestern states… i’m using NetObjects Fusion software… do i make a home page and also 4 child pages for any regions and then stop working each region having another page for each city

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In any case, I don’t learn about NetObjects Fusion software package, but the way I would do it personally is probably not too newcomer-friendly. What I might do is to create a database when using the following tables.


You never really need some sort of table for locations since you’re just listing one for every state, although you may.

Then work with a server-side language including ASP. net, ASP, or PHP to produce and display your pages. By the process, you answer your own hierarchy question indirectly (or to put it more precisely, your database does) also , you have something you possibly can add features to help and grow.

These days… as I stated, this isn’t that newcomer-friendly approach. List and web lisenced users isn’t easy… really frankly, it’s your *****. And it will take years to master. And I know you’re over 40. But… in the long run, if you can certainly master it along with study and sprinkle, you’ll be in significantly better shape with your site.

To paraphrase, you’re going to need to make a bit of the shift in your own thinking and discover some concepts that will take the time and quite probably allow you to be rip your hair out as you go along. But you’ll feel a whole bunch better once you might have slain the dragon that’s web programming.

Amaze, thanks 4 the actual fast reply… these days… how do i try setting up your database


That would mean Content Management Technique. Unless you are will to educate yourself computer programming, CMS is your path to salvation or accomplishing your own goal.

Just wondering Would you purchase which net objects Or are you currently running the test version

Motive I asked, in case you purchased it… They probably have a template in addition to or wizard that you may do that together with.

Not we advocate using WYSIWYG application, but if you’re repeating this to learn web design and not as a pastime site…

In case you are however planning on doing a lot more than just this just one project… You probably don’t want to use this software package…

Yeah, their marketing people hit many of the right buzzwords about their site… But from former experience and clients who have tried to make use of this software… It’s kind of… Let’s just claim… You become dependant on it rather than actually learning anything.

Actually interviewed a female once that had numerous " design" expertise… Come to find out in the interview it absolutely was this software… Great, she couldn’t complete basic troubleshooting along with was completely lost minus the software.

Again, if this is simply for your personal or a hobby site… Probably ok.

The answer to that depends on exactly what database/programming language you wish to use. They all set up differently.

The easiest to create for people who seem to haven’t done it before is often Microsoft Access, when you can get a replicate of it. Yes, there’s MySQL and phpMyAdmin hard, but it’s cumbersome and I’ve identified that when people actually want to learn how to fixed one up, Access is infinitely easier to get a first-timer. This depends on your level of tech-savvy, though… I’m just telling you what I see generally.

What ever you pick, you’d are related a bit connected with homework… there are usually plenty of beginner tutorials online to learn how to set up platforms, etc. It’s basically pretty easy. You just have got to know what data you wish to include and create the tables to include that data.

Then you’d want to choose a programming vocabulary. I’d suggest ASP (Active Node Pages); there are a good number of sources of information for it out there and you can aquire up to speed at a faster rate than people like I made it possible to 12 years back. PHP and ASP. net may also be options, but in case you haven’t done every programming before, I tend not to recommend ASP. online.

I realize that’s rather generalist information, but it’s really the best I can do to have you started.

Thanks for visiting the world involving website building!

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