How to create transparent background for images?

I would like to use layers just to save an irregularly-shaped image that has a TRANSPARENT background together with another image.
After i try to conserve this image for a jpg or gif, the particular transparent background transforms white. I have observed that some surfers don’t handle png information well (I feel using Macromedia to get iamges) and png also consumes masses of quality.
Will be best way involving saving images to ensure the transparent background will stay

GIF encourages 1-bit transparency. What program have you been using to set up the images–Fireworks

Use GIF and make sure you choose the transparency solution. An other thing will be the matte color -> choose the one that will coordinate with image that’s underneath.
Web Explorer 6 really doesn’t support PNG, and a number of people are still with it.

Yes I am just using Fireworks. After i save an image using a transparent background as either a gif or jpg, the particular background appears whitened.

Macromedia Fireworks will not seem to permit me to choose a transparency solution when saving some sort of gif – and also anything else for instance.
It does permit me to save as the photoshop psd archive (which is transparent) : does anyone kow if this is compatible with all browsers (Fireworks png files aren’t compatible with all browsers)

I’d personally still find a few program (photoshop for example) of saving your images while gif.
But I do think that psd works with with browsers, I sought out psd images on the search engines and then opened up them in IE 6 and firefox, proved helpful well.

Simply no, for the enjoy of God, don’t utilize a. psd from a web page.

Definetely dont employ PSD’s they’l often be massive.

Use photoshop and utilize ‘save for web’ solution, you get the flexibility to optimise your current image and preview the result so you can easily get the correct balance between quality and image good quality.

Oh and the transparency is just a tick box inside save for website box.

Thanks Medlington, am about to investigate photoshop.

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