How to create webmails in firewoks 4 mx??

Hello there im using fireworks 2004 mx to generate a webpage, i created the actual butons and the whole thing but i dont learn how to create a webmail, get real, when u discover a page in addition to see a name for instance: Taylor and u visit it and in moments opens the outlook express with all the email address with " taylor", my question is how i let that happen i mean what are commands to achieve that

< a new href=’mailto: yourmailyourmail. com’> yourmailyourmail. com< /a>

keep in mind this leaves you offered to collectors and spamming. use an contact form to send email whenever you avoid this, dont forget the captcha so to sanitize the information before processing to prevent hacks. on sites my partner and i build for others or sites i expect lots of traffic on we use forms however my portfolio site has the identical style email link i gave you, gmail includes great spam filters.

thx male really this location is cool!!!

yeah i know lots of waste is coming my organization is building a internet site i will put hotmail and or even gmail to with regard to spams.

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