How to design one page but display diffenent content dependent on what is pressed

I need to create your interactive flow chart. I want every one of the content to often be on 1 page if the user important yes then exhibit " solution no1", when no is pushed the display " alternative no2" etc…..
has anyone got any suggestions about how t make this in html code or asp.
gives thanks in advanced

indeed. this can end up being done with javascript, php, or both. if you have computations then you’ll need at the very least php, otherwise javascript alone could take action. if you may describe in far more detail what you are looking to do, you will get a more detailed pair of suggestions.

ive under no circumstances used php.
im trying to create some like this
Can there be a red strength light showing about router
when yes is clicked then
showcase " Faulty Router"
when no is clicked subsequently
showcase " is your ADSL Filter slammed in"
when no is clicked subsequently
showcase " plug ADSL Fileter along with check all cabling"
when yes is clicked then
showcase " is your DSL light showing"
and so on…….

you is able to do it with Espresso script. Are you getting coding

trying to find a tutorial actually, but if someone can provide the code then thats more enhanced

with as easy as this is i would recommend javascript. i dont actually use js but personally i think php would possibly be over kill due to this. not to talk about php would necessitate the page to reload whenever you made a further selection. javascript could do this and never have to reload the page.

i did a search regarding " javascript energetic div"
and it is a google result. this should allow you to get started.
http: //www. the search engines. com/#hl=en& source=hp& q=javascript+dynamic+div& aq=f& aqi=g4& oq=& fp=c5aa4278f68e4a4

keep in mind while you research you need a < noscript> version as well if you need any of the TS to get indexed. otherwise noscript wouldn’t be of a lot importance.

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