how to display data using google analytics?

A SINGLE. How to feedback data to yahoo and google analytics tool I can display data trends, to do this need to input the data towards tool. I don’t have a web web site, all i need is to display
some data(e. g, displaying the grades of the students for the subsequent 5 years including grades in the present year and in addition previous years) applying google analytics
program. I have data in the form of notes. So, can somebody aid me in working out this problem

3. How to present data trends( how to calculate data trends from your given data plus display it with different forms)

hi pradeep273:

Importing for you to google analytics
Not sure if you’re able to import data in google analytics. (It includes an export choice though). From what I have seen, you place your own google analytics settings into your website and then you see google analytics accounts once visitors visit your site.

Thanks for reply wpguy.
Even i noticed many tutorials in addition to videos and i too found out that google analutics must be used for generating stories by including many prescibed code included in the website. But i have a task regarding importing data in google analytics, Although i found an alternative to input data but it allows only align the parameters with the directions for graph( although i didnt found a plan to input this particular data to display included in the graph). Anyways when you have any idea relating to this issue, please let me know. Thank Yoy for your response.

Off of course, in the particular setting options, you are able to choose the better option for yourself in Google analytics….

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